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Your HTC Vive came with two cubes, and if it's not clear by now those things are the most important part of a quality Vive experience. HTC calls them Lighthouses, because you set them up and they broadcast light to guide your headset and controllers. As long as your headset and controllers can see the light coming from those two boxes, your VR experience is going to be pretty great.

Ensuring you are always able to have that experience means making sure your initial set up is optimal. This guide will help you get there no matter what kind of room you are using!

Step One — Hang 'em high!


There's two big, important rules for setting up your Lighthouses. You have to set them up near a power outlet, and you have to set them up high. You want to aim for about a foot above your head. The Lighthouses can sit on shelves or mounted onto a wall with the included screw-in mounts, or even on tripods if your space is big enough. There's no real rule for how you have these boxes placed, so long as you have them up above your head.

Some users like to angle the Lighthouses so they are pointed downward at the user, but this isn't expressly necessary. These boxes are producing a lot of infrared light, so it's not a huge concern how they're angled. A flat surface or on top of a tripod mount will do just fine.

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Step Two — Achieve line of sight

Once you have the best place for the first Lighthouse, you need to make sure the other Lighthouse is positioned on the other side of the room, with direct line of sight of the first box. The glossy side of the cubes need to face one another for any of this to work. If you're setting these up in the corners of a room, make sure they're in opposing corners and pointed right at one another.

An easy way to confirm this has been successfully set up is to look for the green light on the glossy black side of the cube. That green light means your Lighthouses are correctly set up, which means you can move on to creating the virtual environment for your Vive.

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