LEGO is a name and a brand that is synonymous with creativity and building. Busting onto the VR screen with LEGO Brickheadz, that's still very true. They've delivered a game that revolves around building. You can build scenes, let Brickhead interact, find new pieces by following the instructions within a magical book.

Brightly colored blocks

When you first see LEGO Brickheadz you are obviously in a child's room complete with bed and LEGO Batman poster up on the wall. It's filled with light and bright colors, and this is a theme that continues throughout your gameplay. The LEGO figurines are all clearly defined, with a blocky aesthetic that never lets you forget that these are characters made of LEGOs themselves.

All of the bright colors and blocks act to remind you that you are virtually playing with toys.

The characters and items you can pull out of the book are all awesome in their own way. Unlike building with the blocks in freeform mode, these are special characters and items that will play out small scenes in front of you. Each different LEGO creation is brightly colored and full of small features that you'll notice over time.

One of the ways you can customize these special characters is by swapping out their expression. Although it sounds a bit crazy, the small differences between an angry and happy character shine out from the eyes long before you see how their behavior has changed.

All of the bright colors and blocks act to remind you that you're virtually playing with toys. It adds a degree of fun and wonder that real LEGOs sadly no longer hold for me. The colors add to and enhance the atmosphere, giving you a look that makes everything feel like you are a kid playing with these blocks for the first time.

Explore, Build and Customize

Build from blueprints

Unlike many games, there isn't really an arc or a story contained inside of LEGO Brickheadz. Instead, the point is to let your Brickheadz interact in small scenes and unlock new Brickheadz, to build new items to add to your play area, and to customize the Brickheadz characters that you have unlocked.

When you first get started there is a book that opens in front of you. Inside this book are formulas that require you to perform specific actions in order to unlock new features and items to play with. This starts by having you pull down a ninja and a magician, the magician produces a bouquet of flowers which then unlocks the next creation.

It will open up the option to customize and adapt your characters

By completing these formulas you will unlock not only new Brickheadz to play with, but additional actions that you can take. Specifically, it will open up the option to customize and adapt your characters, as well as a mode that lets you build items to play with by constructing them brick by brick.

Customizing Brickheadz characters lets you swap between pieces, in the same way you would with actual LEGO characters in the real world. You can put the lion's head on the Ninja, and the Ninja's body on the magician and so on and so forth. There is also the option to change the skin tone of characters, along with a few things you haven't seen in the real world.

You can change the faces of your LEGO Brickheadz, which also slightly changes their personalities while interacting out in the play area. You also have the option to change what kind of actions they will take. Options include a sword for combat, a wand for magic, a sledgehammer for building, and so on and so forth.

After you've completed a number of formulas, you'll also unlock the ability to build new items brick by brick.

Customizing your characters is necessary to complete many of the formulas in that magic book. While it was a little bit tricky to figure out how to get the formula correct, after a few tries I managed to figure it out. For the most part, the game isn't particularly forthcoming with exactly how you are supposed to do things, but they're pretty easy to figure out in time.

After you've completed a number of formulas, you'll also unlock the ability to build new items brick by brick. When you drop into this mode you have a building area just in front of you, with color options to the left, and a book up in front of and above you. From here you'll select various blocks to use, and there are also blueprints on how to create new items.

This was the place that I actually got fairly frustrated. While the game helpfully gave me a diagram on how to rotate pieces, I could not for the life of me get them to flip the way I needed to. It was irritating, since all I wanted to do was to build the item as I was shown. I actually wound up giving up on that blueprint to try out another one instead.

While this mode was initially really frustrating, it soon changed to having a lot of fun. Getting the hang of rotating pieces took me a little bit, but after I'd managed to properly construct a Xylophone according to the blueprint I was pretty pleased with myself. This mode is particular brought back the magic of LEGO for me, except that I no longer had to imagine my creations. I always had the block I needed, in the color I needed, no matter how many I needed for each project.


Customize your Brickheadz

LEGO Brickheadz is a fun and simple game that emphasizes enjoying your gameplay. While there are plenty of things to unlock and enjoy, this game is very low key and relaxed. It's a great game if you're looking for a fun way to sit back, but might not hold your attention for the long term.


  • Awesomely bright blocky graphics
  • Nifty formulas to unlock new items
  • very relaxed and laid back gameplay


  • Manipulating blocks can be frustrating
  • Figuring out formulas can be difficult at times
  • Game may not hold your attention for long stretches of time

3.5 out of 5

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