Littlstar VR isn't a new app to enter the PlayStation VR sphere. It's been here for months already, delivering some awesome videos. Now the developers have gone above and beyond to bring you the type of features that are pretty exciting. They've increased their versatility in which videos can be played from within the app, along with adding USB support.

You read that right, you can now load up your favorite VR movies on a USB stick, and then open and watch them from inside Littlstar VR.

New video types are supported

The first big part of this update is the fact that they've updated what types of video are supported. You've always been able to open up the videos that were already available from within Littlstar, and previously you could already open videos saved to your PlayStation 4 console. However, you were limited in the file type, and often you wouldn't be able to actually watch in 3D. Instead the display would be in a 2D format. Well, that's now changed.

To begin with it now allows Side-By-Side (SBS) and Over-Under (OU) 3D MP4 files to be played. This is the first really interesting chunk of the update, because currently neither of these file formats are supported by the PlayStation Media Player. This means that it has suddenly become much, much, easier to find videos that can be played within Littlstar. Likewise for some users, Littlstar becomes the more versatile app for playing the VR videos you find on the internet.

Now this doesn't currently support 3D movies, this update is specifically for 180 degree and 360 degree VR videos with head tracking. This would of course then, mean support for a number of Adult Entertainment videos.

USB Support

Previously, PlayStation 4 was a bit tricky about accepting videos that were saved on a USB. Thankfully, those days are past us, and now using a USB you can easily save your favorite videos for watching with PlayStation VR. It does take a few extra steps in order to load up the videos saved to your USB, and will require an internet connection, but the final product is definitely worth those extra steps.

First what you'll want to do is get a PlayStation 4 compatible USB stick. Using your laptop or PC, find and save the VR video you want to watch on PlayStation VR. Make sure that the file name is saved in the format of YourVideo_180_sbs.mp4. The file structure will need to be correct in order for the video to play, so be sure to double check this. Use 180_sbs.p4 for 180 degree videos and 360_sbs.mp4 for all 360 degree videos. Remove the USB from your PC and plug it into your PlayStation 4 console. Jump into VR and open the Littlstar app. Select the library option. From here you should be able to see the videos you have downloaded, so just select the one you want to play!

An expanding library

When it comes to viewing videos in VR using a specific app, there is always the issue of how much content that you can access. After all, no one app is going to have everything that you want to watch, so the larger the library that you can access, the more videos you'll be able to enjoy.

When it comes to content, Littlstar really isn't fooling around. You get access to awesome videos that promo new movies, like The Mummy, as well as content from places like SyFy, Discovery VR, and Showtime. All of the videos on Littlstar are separated into categories, making it easy to find precisely what you want to watch, when you want to watch it. From Sports, to Travel, to Documentaries, there are literally dozens of amazing videos that will take you to places you never even dreamed of, all with the simple click of a button.

Worth exploring

Littlstar isn't the biggest video app out there, and it isn't going to deliver tons of original content. What they are doing is delivering a media player that has the versatility to play many more of the VR videos you can find online, than any other app currently in the PlayStation VR appsphere. That matters. Especially if you're an adult who enjoys NSFW entertainment in VR. Have you loaded up any videos using Littlstar? Did you know about this update? Be sure to drop us a comment below and tell us about it!

Updated August 29, 2017: We've updated this post to ensure you're getting all the details on what Littlstar can do!

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