Everyone knows VR headsets are expensive, and this year you can guarantee there are going to be good deals on the hardware that has been out for a bit. The real challenge is finding the best deal out of everything being blasted at you from every store and website. It's a ton of stuff to sort through before you get off the couch, and it's easy to miss the good stuff in favor of the deal that is right in front of you.

We're working with the folks at Thrifter.com this year to make this whole shopping process easier. Here's a few of the deals we've spotted so far:

All of these deals are pretty good, but the most impressive offering this year is for Windows Mixed Reality. Microsoft's website has a bundle for $798 right now that includes:

  • Acer Gaming Laptop
  • Acer Mixed Reality Headset
  • Mixed Reality Motion Controllers

That is an absurdly good deal, and an amazing way to jump into VR this year either for yourself or as a gift.

See at Microsoft

Head to Thrifter for more

These are the deals we know about right now. There are going to be more, and not just for VR hardware. Games will be for sale all weekend, as well as everything else you normally see on sale for Black Friday. To help you sift through all of the noise, the folks at Thrifter are going to be working nonstop through Black Friday with a live blog of the best deals available. These folks are trained to soft through the junk and only surface the best deals, making it the only place you need to be looking this year.

If you're waiting for Cyber Monday to see if they have something extra special waiting for you, there's a whole separate live blog running for that event as well.

Did you know Thrifter was giving away a $1,500 home theater set up? Check it out!

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