If you pay attention at all to the smartphone world, there's a good chance you've hear of Michael Fisher. When you aren't busy staring just below his perfectly styled hair into his positively electric eyes, the man is holding your attention with all manner of exciting news and analysis. There was some rumor not long ago that he'd retired from the smartphone game, but the truth is he's joined Mobile Nations to expand his passion and energy to all forms of technology.

His new name is Mr. Mobile, and whenever possible we're going to be stealing his attention to talk about all of the crazy and wonderful things happening in the VR world today.

As the name suggests, Fisher is going to be talking about all sorts of exciting things in the tech space. This includes VR, and in a big way. Keep an eye on his social channels for updates from him!

Personally I'd like to jump into some multiplayer co-op in VR and see how much damage we can do together, but we'll see how that works out. Drop him a line!