Holodia was showing off their mashup of fitness and VR at Computex 2016. I hopped into a rowing machine and slipped on the HTC Vive to check it out. Taipei has reached some god-awful high temperatures, so the prospect of getting a workout in the middle of a conference hall was less than appealing. The trepidation melted away when I learned that I'd be rowing a course through an outer space wonderland. Before long I was beholding the majesty of the virtual cosmos while feeling the burn.

Rowing harder would send you speeding through your scene a little more quickly, but besides that, there weren't any real gamified elements to the experience. There's certainly potential for this to become something akin to Wii Fit, but it looks like the main pitch is to keep you distracted by pretty lights while you're sweating your last few beers away. The selection of backdrops spans arid canyons, tropical jungles, up in the clouds, and lots more.

The big problem I see here is that I'll have to keep my rowing machine close to my gaming PC. Is the gym a place for a VR rig? Is my office a place for gym equipment? Neither scenario is a particularly natural fit, and even if you go through the trouble, it's for the luxury of having a nice setting for your rowing.