PlayStation VR

Sony is calling it "The New PlayStation 4" but you probably know it as PlayStation 4 Slim. This updated PlayStation 4 follows Sony's pattern of releasing a slimmer version of the original console, and like previous releases Sony promises the experience will be the same. That means those of you who haven't picked up a PlayStation 4, but want something on launch day to power your PlayStation VR have nothing to worry about. PlayStation 4 Slim will work just fine with PlayStation VR.

The new PlayStation 4

Sony is already using PlayStation 4 all around the US and Canada to power PlayStation VR demo stations, which all work fantastically well. Sony is promising the same experience with this shrunken model, which means at the new $299 price point you can get everything you need to run PlayStation VR for even cheaper. It has been made clear that this is not the best PlayStation VR experience you can have, an honor which now lies with the PlayStation 4 Pro, but if you're looking to save $100 in your setup you'll do just fine with this core model.

The new PlayStation VR is expected to be available in stores starting September 15th, and will include a newly designed DualShock 4 controller.