Trying out a demo before you purchase the full game is a good idea.

Want to find some awesome games for your PlayStation VR, but you don't want to shell out the cash and then regret it later? Well then you're in luck because there are demos for some of the best games available on PlayStation VR. Trying to figure out where to start can be a bit daunting though, especially if you're new to gaming. That's why we've collected the demos that are definitely worth checking out.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Horror games aren't always for everyone, and that's especially true when you are playing in VR. If you aren't sure if you've got the cahones to deal with terror in VR, or you just want to try out a fun arcade style horror shooter, then the Rush of Blood demo is definitely your time. You'll get to try out the basics of riding on a carnival rollercoaster from hell. Shoot your way through a few of the levels from the full game and try to reign in your terror, or die trying.

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If you're a fan of soccer, or action oriented games, then the demo for Headmaster. You'll get be able to play through the first lesson at a rather unique academy, and your goal is to hit the targets by knocking a soccer ball into them using your head. It's a fun game, and great for sharing with friends. The demo is also indicative of the gameplay you'd see if you bought the full game.

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Eve: Valkyrie

Plenty of folks have had the dream to be a space pirate. If you've ever wanted to try flying through space and shooting down space pirares, then this is the demo to check out. Since it's possible to barrel roll while you are flying through space, it's also a solid demo to check out if you want to check your tolerance. Fly through space, and try to save your ship, or be blown to bits. It's fun, and a great introduction to one of the most popular games on PlayStation VR.

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Thumper's developers describe their game as rhytmic violence, and that's pretty apt. The game plays music while you rocket down a track and have to complete certain actions in order to clear each level. The actions you take in the game play directly into the music that is being played, with some seriously trippy graphics. If you're a fan of games that revolve around music then this is definitely worth some of your time.

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DriveClub VR

The best VR games drop you into a world and immerse you in it completely, bringing many games to life in a whole new way. That is most definitely the case when it comes to flying through the corners with Driveclub VR. If you're already a fan of racing games, then you really owe it to yourself to settle in and try out this demo. Moreso than any other genre we've seen thus far, DriveClub VR gives you an entirely new experience with the immersion it delivers you.

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Demos are a great way of testing out a game to see whether it's actually up your alley or not. While there are plenty more demos to try, we grabbed up the best available in each genre. These demos will give you an idea both about the games you are thinking about buying, and about what you can handle while playing in VR. Do you have a favorite demo that didn't make our list? Is there one that we should check out? Be sure to drop us a comment and tell us about it!