Sony has revealed a new launch title for PlayStation VR, simply titled "Tethered." Developed by a relatively new studio called Secret Sorcery Towers, Tethered is a strategy game with sandbox elements that has you helping a cadre of adorable creatures called Peeps (no, not the marshmallow kind) work by day and defend themselves from attackers at night.

From the PlayStation blog:

We want VR to be for everyone, and that's why we set out to make a game that is as easy to pick up as it is hard to put down. During a typical play session, you can expect to spend around 30 – 40 minutes of building up your village, gathering Spirit Energy, discovering ancient artifacts and learning new skills for your Peeps, not to mention fighting off the denizens of the night!

Tethered is set to launch right alongside PlayStation VR in October. As for Secret Sorcery Towers, the studio was founded with a specific focus towards VR, so we should expect to see much more from them as time goes on.