Is PlayStation VR good for anything other than gaming?

PlayStation VR has been selling like crazy, partly thanks to a great collection of games. Do your best Batman impression, see what it's like to live an eagle's life, survive the zombie apocalypse, and race hundreds of high-performance cars — these are just scratching the surface.

While you're taking a break from gaming, you might be wondering what else your glowing headset can do. Here are a few non-gaming things you can try out to get the most out of your PlayStation VR.

Watch some impressive 360-degree videos


Free apps like Littlstar and Within are home to some amazing, affecting 360-degree videos you can watch in PlayStation VR. It's best to get seated comfortably while still keeping your head free — you'll want to look around while the video plays.

This is a great opportunity to embed yourself in a world not usually seen. Some of the best selections take you to wartorn lands or take you under the sea, delivering a truly eye-opening experience. To help you decide what to watch first, check out the best VR videos to watch on PSVR.

Turn your living room into a theater


One of the best parts of PlayStation VR is the almost complete lack of screen-door effect. The clear image translates really well when it comes to watching regular movies and TV shows in apps like Netflix and Hulu.

Strap on your headset, make some popcorn and take a seat in your virtual theater. The screen is enormous, the sound is as loud as you want it, and the floors aren't sticky.

Relive memories with your photos in VR

The PS4 Media Player is a powerful app that pulls media from a connected USB storage device or, if you have one set up, a media server. Check out all your vacation photos from last year, and even have a look at any 360-degree media you've created or downloaded.

Just enable VR Mode in the Media Player Options menu, sit back, and enjoy. Don't forget, any movies or TV shows you have on your USB storage device or media server can also be played within.

Check out some adult content

Jen in PSVR

Porn has driven the entertainment industry forward for years, and it didn't stop with VR. Like the Rift and Vive, you can definitely watch adult videos on your PlayStation VR.

A great guide has already been written on how to get set up, so if you're of age, go nuts.

How to watch porn on PlayStation VR (NSFW)

Experiment with other operating systems

PSVR and Mac

Thanks to the standalone processing unit that sits next to your PS4, you can technically hook your PlayStation VR up to anything with an HDMI port. We already wrote a guide on watching 360-degree videos on your Mac, but the fun doesn't stop there.

Connecting the HDMI cable to an Xbox One or a WiiU will give you a picture in your PlayStation VR — just don't expect real VR immersion, as this isn't the native platform and there is no head tracking. Still, it's fun to experiment, and playing other games on the enormous screen is a thrill.

To get this to work, you still need to have the processing unit connected to your PlayStation 4, so don't go out and buy an Xbox One and a PSVR and expect things to function properly.

See your future


There is a neat little app available for PSVR called Kismet. Inside, you'll be transported to a Tarot reader's table where you can choose from three activities: have your cards read to reveal your past and future, take a trip through the stars with an Astrology session, or test your skills in a game of Ur.

Each day holds a different reading and a different Astrology session, so you can go back time and again to see what the cards hold. The artwork in Kismet is beautiful, and the entire experience is one you won't soon forget.

Download Kismet from the PlayStation Store

Your favorite

What action does your PlayStation VR see when you're not gaming? Let us know in the comments section!