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Rec Room is a free Virtual Reality game for the PlayStation that allows you to enjoy a number of different fun activities with your friends, or even strangers across the world.

But like any other VR game, being able to move around is a big deal. If you're running into movement errors, this should help!

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The Average Playspace for Virtual Reality Gaming

When you first set up your PlayStation Camera, it will recommend you be at least 6ft away from the camera itself when playing. This is to ensure that you are always in view of it's lenses, moving around won't make you go out of sight, and you won't receive the "Out of Playspace" error message.

Following those instructions are always the first step to optimizing your playspace when using your PSVR. Now, while this works for most VR games, you're probably wondering how much space you'd need for the more active games.

Recommended Playspace for Sports in Rec Room

While playing Rec Room's tennis game, I found myself actually taking steps around before I even used the teleport option. Even after getting the hang of it, the best rhythm I found was actually utilizing both of my options, real life steps and teleportation. That being said, I most certainly increased the amount of playspace I normally use by double.

Here's how you want to do that

  1. Get into your usual VR position in the center of your room. Be sure you are in the center of your camera's view.

Keep in mind your PlayStation Camera picks up image in the shape of a cone - Meaning as the view moves back, it broadens.

  1. Check your surroundings. Do you have about 9feet by 6feet (roughly 54 square feet) of playspace?

  2. Don't feel like busting out the measuring tape? Don't sweat it. Center yourself in view of your camera. Do you have enough room to take 2-3 generous steps in all directions? This is a good indicator you'll have enough space to safely play without breaking any of your household items.

Make Sure Your Camera is Seeing What it's Supposed to

After you've adjusted yourself and feel confident in your playspace, be sure to make one last check to ensure everything is perfect. The best way to do this is to actually view what your camera is seeing, and that's only a few simple steps to check.

  1. Open your Quick Menu by holding the PlayStation button on your controller.

  2. Select "Adjust Headset."

  3. Select "Confirm your Position."

Happy with what you see? Confident you won't destroy your house or punch a table? Perfect!

Did this help you, or are you still receiving an error? Drop us a comment below! Otherwise, go and play some Rec Room with your mates or even some strangers from around the world!

PlayStation VR


PlayStation VR


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