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Rec Room is a free Virtual Reality game for the PlayStation that allows you to enjoy a number of different fun activities with your friends or even strangers across the world. This game acts as a social hub for you to interact with other players, enjoying silly games like charades and paintball. Thankfully, you never have to worry about another player getting inside your space. That's because there is an adjustable personal space bubble that ensures that players are never made to feel uncomfortable with someone else getting too close.

We've got the details for you here!

Rec Room's Personal Space Bubble

Have you ever noticed when you get too close to other players in Rec Room that their avatar becomes transparent or parts of them disappear all together? Well, that's one of the handy features. That bubble is an invisible space that allows you to control how close other players are allowed to interact with your avatar before they start fading out of view. This means that concerns about harassment and personal space in VR can be tweaked to your preference.

Whether you want to fine-tune your personal bubble, or you'd prefer to turn the feature off entirely, you've got options.

How to Make your Bubble Smaller or Larger

  1. Look at your wrist to open up your watch menu.
  2. Now select the Settings option on the screen.
  3. On the top of that options screen, hit the button for experience.
  4. Now, if you look in the center you'll see two slide bars, the one on the right that is labeled Ignore Bubble controls your personal space.
  5. You can either set the bubble to Small, Medium, or Large. (Small meaning people can get closer to you, Large meaning people have to stay further from you.)

How to Turn off the Bubble Entirely

  1. Look at your wrist to open up your watch menu.
  2. Now select the Settings option on the screen.
  3. Click the Experience option.
  4. Under the "Ignore bubble" slider, slide the marker all the way to the left. This will mark it "Off" and your personal space bubble is eliminated entirely!

Don't Worry

These settings aren't permanent, and thankfully are quick to change. This makes the Parental Controls options super easy. If you prefer strangers to not be able to go near your child's avatar, these settings take less than 30 seconds to change. That way when you get the headset back to play with your own friends you can easily change to your own preferred settings and get back to giving your friends Virtual hugs and high-fives.

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Questions or Comments?

Still having issues with the configuration of your personal space? Experiencing different issues regarding it? Leave us a comment below and we'll do everything we can to help!

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