Gear VR

Samsung's latest update to the Gear VR includes an important feature that won't get a ton of attention for a little while. The charging port on this unit is USB-C, which means it can be used for a whole lot more than charging the Note 7 inside it. Samsung's Note 7 is an incredibly capable phone, and through the Gear VR there's a lot of fun to be had, but at some point, accessories could come along to greatly improve this experience. Here are a couple of things on our Gear VR wishlist that are guaranteed to take the VR experience offered here to new heights!

Leap Motion support

Leap Motion in VR is basically magic. It gives you the ability to not only see your hands in VR but use them as controllers in a bunch of applications. One of the best experiences right now is seeing your hands in AltSpace VR when you're in for a social visit. It's a great way to feel more immersed, and something you could easily mount onto your Gear VR.

Windows Holographic

Samsung positioned the latest Gear VR so developers could better access the camera on the phone for augmented reality experiences. This could be taken one massive step forward through a Windows Holographic accessory. With some extra input sensors, your Gear VR could act like a mini HoloLens!

Gesture controllers

With Google Daydream right around the corner, it would be incredible to see Samsung step up and offer a spatially aware controller that functioned well with the rest of the Gear VR experience. Connecting by either WiFi, Bluetooth, or a special dongle on the side of the headset, spatially aware controllers would be a huge deal for the Gear VR.

Laser Tag

With access to the camera and friends who also own a Gear VR, a Laser Tag addition would let you play simple games of Laser Tag with a real Heads-Up Display that actually works. Tap the side of the Gear VR to fire your head-mounted blaster, and be ready to duck when your friends do the same!

Samsung-made gamepad

There are a lot of great gamepads available for the Gear VR, but one of the best was made by Samsung and no longer sold anywhere. Samsung could make a new Gear VR gamepad that snaps into the phone slot when there's no handset inside and make a lot of people happy!

What accessories would you like to see for your Gear VR? Sound off in the comments!