Samsung Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR is the best VR experience available for use with your Samsung phone. However it isn't all sunshine and roses, there are a number of small problems that can crop up at the most inopportune of times. So we've collected some of those common problems, and their easy fixes, so that you can get back to enjoying VR.


One of the most common issues with the Samsung Gear VR was having your phone overheat and subsequent shut itself down. When you play on the Gear VR your phone is working a lot harder than usual, and this is especially true is you're using an older model phone like the Samsung Note 4.

When your phone works harder, it's going to heat up. There are two things to help prevent, or at the very least minimize, your phone overheating. The first thing you'll want to do, is make sure that your phone is properly charged. After that close all of the other apps on your phone, this will help to make sure your phone isn't heating up from running thirty tabs at once. You can also make sure you don't use the Gear VR for an extended period of time. Letting it rest after 30-45 minutes of continuous usage.

Headset doesn't fit correctly

One of the first things that you'll need to do is adjust the headset. There is one strap on top of your head, and then one on either side as well. If your headset isn't adjusted well, then you aren't going to get the best viewing experience. On top of that, depending on the game or app you're using, you may accidentally loosen up the straps.

Thankfully the straps are ridiculously easy to readjust. Each strap attaches with velcro, so all you do is need to pull it firm and then attach it. The best way to do this is by holding the headset in place with one hand, while you adjust the straps with your other. You'll want a firm, but not tight fit.


There are few things that are quite as aggravating as being all ready to get started and play, and noticing that there are specs of dust inside your headset. Let's be honest, dust gets everywhere and your Gear VR is no exception to this rule. This is another easy fix though. All you need to do is get yourself some compressed air and gently spray out any dust that has lodged itself in the headset.

Fog and smudges on your lenses

Another problem that can crop up, especially as you are first getting started, is your Gear VR fogging up. The vents on the bottom of the headset help to alleviate this problem but it does still crop up from time. Likewise as you get started you may notice that somehow, something has smudged your lenses.

All you need to do to fix this problem is get a bit of lens cleaning solution. Spray it onto the lens, or a lens wiping cloth and gently wipe at the lenses. This should take care of your problem.

Battery Life

Here's the thing, the Gear VR is going to take a hefty chunk out of your battery. To avoid your battery dying before you've gotten a chance to really enjoy your game of choice, your best bet is definitely to make sure that you've got a well charged phone. Additionally, you can make sure that your battery lasts for longer by closing all of your other open apps. You can also lower your screen brightness a bit, to help and stretch your battery to the maximum while using your Gear VR.

Motion Sickness and Vertigo

While some folks who check out VR can do so with impunity, not everyone is quite so lucky. A good deal of people who check out VR find themselves getting vertigo or motion sickness while they are playing, or just after they take their headset off. There isn't really a way that you can keep this from happening.

Your best bet is to give your brain a few minutes to organize itself after you've taken off the Gear VR. After all, it's a bit disorienting to go from flying through space in Eve: Gunjack, to sitting in a chair in your living room. You can also aim for lower intensity apps and games, and there is a tag in the Oculus store that can help you avoid experiences that will make you queasy. The intensity tag will be labeled as either comfortable, moderate, or intense, to warn you about possible motion sickness within a specific app.

Screen is blurry

So you've gone ahead and fired up your Gear VR but the screen looks blurry, or seriously out of focus. This is especially true if you're someone who has ditched their glasses to have a more enjoyable experience. While there isn't a way to focus the lenses, what you can do is adjust the depth of the lenses. All that you need to do is slide the wheel at the top of the Gear VR, this will let you adjust how far the lenses are from your eyes while playing.

There are plenty of small issues with the Samsung Gear VR that can crop up while you're getting ready to play, or while you're in the swing of things. Thankfully, most of these are quite easy to deal with, and will only take a few short minutes of time to handle. Is there a regular problem that we didn't cover? Do you have questions about the Samsung Gear VR? Be sure to ask about it below in our comments section!