A new report claims that Samsung may be developing its own Gear VR controller. Featuring a pretty simplistic design, the controller appears to have an analog stick on the left, a four-button keypad on the right and possibly a Start or menu button in the middle. On the top you've got a right and left shoulder button, as well as a Bluetooth sync button.

Gear VR Controller

From Ubergizmo:

From what we can tell, the controller seems more like a gamepad than anything. This means that in terms of being able to track your hand movements, the Gear VR isn't quite there yet unlike headsets like the HTC Vive.

However the controller will allow gamers to control their VR experience better, especially when it comes to games. According to the image, it shows that the controller will feature an analog stick, four action buttons, and two shoulder buttons. It also appears that it can be affixed to the Gear VR headset itself, meaning that carrying it with you will be easier.

At this time, little else is known about the controller. There is no indication of when it may launch, or how much it would cost at launch. Be sure to stay tuned to see if Samsung makes this official. Would you be interested in an official controller from Samsung, or are the controllers you are currently using good enough? Let us know in the comments!