DailySteals is running a promotion that not only saves you some cash on Samsung's Gear VR, but also all of the compatible phones. That's right, you can save $20 on the VR headset and you can also save some money on the Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S7, S7 edge, and Note 5.

Gear VR

Pricing for all the deals include:

  • Gear VR - $79
  • Galaxy S6 - As low as $299
  • Galaxy S6 edge - As low as $349
  • Galaxy S7 - $539
  • Galaxy S7 edge - $639
  • Galax Note 5 - As low as $329

You'll get the lowest price on an unlocked Verizon branded phone, with the unbranded ones coming in a bit more expensive. The offer is only valid for a couple of days, so if you are interested you'll want to act quickly on this. Be sure to let us know if you picked up the headset or a phone in the comments!

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