Jen in PlayStation VR

According to Weather Underground, it's going to be raining like crazy here all day on the 4th of July, so there's a good chance my family will be skipping fireworks this year. Why not sit everyone down and watch fireworks in VR, you ask? Because the visuals are a small fraction of that experience for me. Laying stretched out on a lawn on top of a blanket, holding a kid in each arm and grinning from ear to ear as the pressure wave from each explosion impacts my skin, that's what makes fireworks special for me. That's not to say we won't even have that experience in VR, in fact after this week I'm more convinced than ever that companies like The Void will make those experiences real eventually. We're not there yet, though, so it'll probably be sparklers in the yard this year.

A couple of other thoughts on the week:

  • Our first contest is over! We'll be announcing the winner shortly. Half of our office is in Canada, and the other half is in the US. When you have Canada Day on a Friday and 4th of July on a Monday, it's a guarantee very little gets done on the weekend in between.

  • Days later, I am still so impressed with what The Void has done with Ghostbusters: Dimension. I will absolutely be making a personal trip back up to NYC soon to experience that with family. I was immediately reminded of the scent towers in Ready Player One, which offered up a real world scent to match whatever the characters were doing in VR.

  • That movie had better not suck.

  • Michael Fisher makes for one hell of a Ghostbuster/colleague. I can't wait to see his video on the experience, and having a second player in VR in the same space as me made a HUGE difference. Can HTC or Oculus or Sony make this happen?

  • How great was the 360-degree video I grabbed of the exhibit? This Ricoh Theta S continues to impress.

  • You really should go to a PlayStation VR demo if you have a demo space nearby.

  • I played SUPERHYPERCUBE in PSVR on Friday, and was terrible at it. Like, truly bad at it. It was embarrassing.

  • Alright, if you really want to catch fireworks in VR, here's a list of ways to do so on Cardboard, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive.

We'll be back after the holiday, and we've got some great things planned!