HTC's guidelines for the Vive makes mounting its magic tracking boxes incredibly easy, as long as you're cool with drilling holes. The mounting brackets included with the kit get the job done, but what if drilling holes either isn't an option or something you want to do?

Don't fret – using the mounting brackets isn't a requirement. In fact, HTC designed the Vive lighthouses with this in mind.

HTC Vive lighthouse

The back and bottom of your HTC Vive base stations come with holes at out the box, with a thread for mounting purposes. It's a standard mounting screw used for almost every camera mount in existence, which means you can attach your lighthouses to standard tripods and accessories. This opens up the number of ways you can mount these boxes, as we've rounded up below.

Impact heavy duty light stand

Tripod: Stable and flexible

Our most recommended ways of mounting your HTC Vive's lighthouses is by using a tripod or light stand. Several our own staff at VRHeads use this setup, with it being a sturdy and premium solution which can't be beaten in most scenarios.

For this arrangement, we personal recommend using a heavy-duty light stand, which ensures the base stations are kept stabilized on most surfaces. A tripod ball head mount can also be a great accompaniment to this, by adding the ability to tilt the stations for a better line of sight. However, when mounting with a stand, make sure the lighthouses are raised at least six feet above the ground.

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GorillaPod: Mount anywhere

Another option to consider are GorillaPods – a fully opposable solution which can go almost everywhere. Although designed to mount cameras in unusual locations, this also proves to be a sturdy mounting choice which can latch onto a wide range of household objects.

Using the bendable legs, a GorillaPod can get a firm grip on railings, banisters, lamps and other streamlined objects. Provided the base stations can be safely mounted at an appropriate height, you should be good to go in only a few seconds. This is only recommended as a temporary solution however, as GorillaPods can look their grip over time.

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Mounting tape: Here to stay

3M Scotch Mounting Tape

Heavy-duty tape is a strong replacement for the HTC Vive's included mounting kit and a permanent solution which doesn't leave holes behind.

When mounting with adhesive tape or pads, make sure to check the weight supported per strip. While this solution can keep your base stations firmly secured against the wall, weak tape could leave your base stations at risk of a severe fall. We recommend 3M Scotch Mounting Tape, which will hold your base stations against dry, smooth surfaces such as walls and wood.

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On top of shelves: Quick and easy

As seen in some of the HTC Vive's advertisements, base stations can simply be placed on a shelf. Although this isn't the best option in comparison to other available solutions, you won't have to purchase any additional equipment to do so.

When using shelves, one thing to consider are vibrations caused by the moving motors inside a base station. If vibrating to the point where the base stations can't stabilize (indicated on the stations themselves by a blue LED), there's a chance the Vive's tracking may be affected. If this happens, we recommend moving to a sturdier surface or anchoring down the lighthouses with some mounting tape.

Updated December 2017 to include our favorite ways to mount HTC Vive base stations.

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