Put the drill down, and back away slowly.

HTC's instruction manual for the Vive makes mounting the special boxes that make everything work incredibly easy, as long as you're cool with drilling holes. The mounting brackets included with the kit get the job done, but what if drilling holes either isn't an option for you or isn't something you want to do. Not to worry, VR fan! Using the mounting brackets is not a requirement. In fact, HTC designed the Vive lighthouses so there are multiple ways to position them exactly where you need them.

HTC Vive lighthouse

There are two mounting points on each of your Vive lighthouses. The hole in the back and the hole in the bottom are not only identical, but an standard design. That's the same screw used for almost every camera mount in existence, which means you can attach your lighthouses to standard tripod just like you would a camera. This opens up the number of ways you can mount these boxes considerably. You can:

  • Attach them to the top of a tripod
  • Use a Gorillapod to wrap around tall furnature
  • Use heavy-duty adhesive tape
  • Set them on shelves up high

There are plenty of options that do not involve drilling holes in your walls, so pick the one that best suits your needs and have fun!

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