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The folks behind Job Simulator, arguably the most popular game in VR today, have teamed up with Adult Swim Games to release Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality. As the name suggests, it's a Rick and Morty adventure with a unique VR twist. You play a clone of Morty, built to handle things at home while the real Morty goes on adventures with Rick. Don't worry though, there's plenty of shenanigans for you to get into at home. Also, with Rick's portal tech laying around, you're not going to be "at home" for very long!

We're not going to spoil the actual story for you, but instead show you some of the silliness you can expect while roaming Rick's legendary garage.

Modify your Plumbus

Rick and Morty VR

Every house has one, but you have some tools at your disposal to do something unique with this one! The combination machine (Combinator, for short) on Rick's workbench lets you combine the Plumbus with just about anything you can find, and those combinations result in many different kinds of Plumbus.

Mostly what you'll get is a version of the Plumbus that doesn't jiggle or stretch and is a different color than the standard Plumbus, but collecting the rainbow of options from all of the things you find in the world is more fun than it probably should be.

The collection we have here in this screenshot is only two thirds of the Plumbus options we've found so far, so you've got a lot of work ahead of you!

Cardboard everything

Rick and Morty VR

Rick's Combinator does a lot of silly things, and one of the most entertaining is creating cardboard versions of just about everything. Combine the random things you find around the game with the box of crackers on Rick's workbench, and you'll get a cardboard replica of that thing to do whatever you want with.

This becomes especially entertaining when you start messing with other things in the game later on, and of course the cardboard things are fun to throw around. Don't make too big a mess though, or Morty will show up on your communicator watch and yell at you for littering!

Make it a mini

Rick and Morty VR

Some things are more amusing when they're smaller. I don't know why, they just are. Grab the Triangle off Rick's pegboard and add it to any of your Combinator creations, and you'll get a smaller version of whatever it is you wanted to create.

There aren't a whole lot of good reasons to do this, especially early on in the game, aside from because it's funny. You can shrink some of the hats Clone Morty can wear, making them look even sillier when they sit on his head, or you can just make a bunch of tiny hammers and throw them around because it's funny. If you try to use a small version of something in the Combinator, unfortunately you won't get tiny combinations. Everything comes out full size unless the Triangle is involved.

You think this is funny? Wait until you start combining things with the growth hormone!

Hammer Time

Rick and Morty VR

Everything can be a hammer if you work hard and believe in yourself, or if you're lazy and have Rick's Combinator. Combine just about anything you see with a hammer, and you'll get that thing on a hammer handle. Why would you do this? For one, it makes whatever that thing is easier to throw around the garage.

You'll probably find other uses for this later in the game, but really it's just funny to break things with a hammer made of oranges.

Mod your Meeseeks

Rick and Morty VR

Rick has modified the Meeseeks Box to make YouSeeks, a special version of these death-happy creatures that mimic your every action. These floating blue mirror clones are useful for some puzzles in the game, but you can modify Rick's creation by combining a YouSeeks ball with a bunch of other things.

Want a YouSeeks with hammers for hands? What about a YouSeeks with a drinking problem because his hands are flasks that never run out of booze? There are a lot of hilarious options to be found, and they only get better the more of them you make.

Just don't forget to kill the YouSeeks when you're done with them. You know what happens when they stick around for too long!

Find the secret tapes

Rick and Morty VR

There are cassette tapes hanging around all over this game, and they go into the tape deck Rick keeps under his work bench next to the Dark Matter containers. Most of these are silly recordings of Rick, Morty, and occasionally some new voices doing seemingly random things.

If you combine these tapes you find with other things you find in the garage using Rick's Combinator, you'll get new tapes with a language you can't read scribbled across the top. There are 13 of these tapes, and lets just say finding them all should be considered a bonus mission for you. It's a lot of fun.

Flawless Charging

Rick and Morty VR

I know what you're thinking, and no this isn't another thing for you to toss in the Combinator in Rick's garage. Instead, it's a warning about the other machine on Rick's desk. The little capsule with the glowing eye on top that follows you around the garage is a microverse for charging all of the empty batteries you find around the game.

You teleport there when you need to charge things, a process that involves quickly flipping switches, turning knobs, and moving levers all across the board. Some batteries only need you to operate three of these panels, while larger batteries will have you operate at least five. The challenge is keeping each panel from overloading, which happens when you don't move to the next step in time. If three panels overload before the battery is charged, you have to start again.

This is more challenging than it seems, and requires a quick hand as the puzzles get faster. It's also a lot of fun, so make sure you practice in here a few times before you have to use this ability in one of Rick's instructions. Also, if you're introducing a friend to this game, make sure you put them in here and record them freaking out. It's A+ funny times, I promise.

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