Should you buy Move controllers for PlayStation VR?

There are two pieces of hardware you absolutely need to enjoy virtual reality on PlayStation 4 — the PSVR head-mounted display (HMD) and the PS4 camera.

The PSVR launch bundle comes with both of these pieces, but it also comes with PlayStation Move controllers. Why? VR gaming just isn't the same without some sort of motion tracking for your hands.

It's still unclear how many PSVR titles will support the Move controllers, so the questions is: are they really worth purchasing?

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The difference between DualShock 4 and Move controllers

PlayStation Move controller

When in VR, using a classic console game controller that doesn't track movement — e.g. Sony's DualShock 4 controller — delivers a much different experience than using controllers designed specifically for VR — e.g. Vive's motion controllers, and the upcoming Rift Touch controllers. That different experience is based heavily in immersion. Moving around, interacting with your environment isn't the same when your hands are holding a controller. You want to reach out and touch your virtual world!

Anyone who has used the Move controllers with previous non-VR PS4 titles know that they're not exactly accurate. Sure, they work well for wide, sweeping movements, but they don't come anywhere close to the precision that the Vive's controllers offer.

Games with inventories and sub-menus that must be managed on the fly would understandably be frustrating to navigate. It will mostly be up to game developers to design their games around the Move controllers, at least until (and if) an updated Move design is released.

The future of Move controllers

There have been a couple rumors floating around the internet about a new version of Move controllers being developed by Sony, but there is no definitive proof. It would make sense, at least from a gamer's perspective, to update the Move controllers to rival those of Vive and Rift.

What the future holds is unclear, but we can only hope for widespread Move support. As mentioned, it's much harder to get into your game without motion tracking for your hands, and VR gaming just isn't the same without it.

Launch titles that will support Move controllers

There are at least two launch titles confirmed to support Move controllers from the very start: Batman: Arkham VR and The London Heist (part of PlayStation VR Worlds).

If you'd like a full list of PSVR launch titles, Move controller support or not, check out our definitive guide to upcoming PSVR games.

A promising alternative

PSVR Aim controller

The PSVR Aim controller, designed in conjunction with the upcoming game Farpoint, promises to deliver true 1:1 motion tracking. It's also roughly the shape of a gun, which makes it twice as cool to all shooter fans out there.

Those lucky enough to have tested the Aim controller claim that accuracy is on point, and the analog buttons that control movement work well where they're placed on the controller.

How many games will support the Aim controller is still unclear, but we can only hope that most shooters will incorporate it into their design. There is still no release date for the Aim controller, but it is expected to release at the same time as Farpoint.

Our recommendation

Because VR is so much more fun with motion controllers (and we're all about fun), we can't help but recommend the Move controllers to round out your virtual experience.

From a budget standpoint, if you don't already have the Move controllers, or if you didn't manage to snag a PSVR launch bundle, waiting to see how many games will actually support the Move controllers is probably best.

You will still be able to enjoy most games — including games already released on PS4 — with the standard DualShock 4 controller, and if you just can't live without a game that requires Move controllers, you can always run out and grab them.

Move controllers and you

Do you already have Move controllers sitting at home? Did you snag a launch bundle? Are you going to wait to see how many games actually use the Move controllers? Let us know in the comments section below!

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