Great audio experiences are a huge part of VR.

No matter what VR headset you are using, you want to make sure you have decent headphones. That full immersion experience, where your physical world is replaced by the virtual one, has a lot to do with hearing things from all around you. Knowing that when you turn your head you'll see something coming from the direction you just heard it is a big deal, but if you can hear the real world as well it takes away from this experience.

Killer headphones are going to be a big deal with PlayStation VR, so here's what you should be looking for if you're planning an upgrade.

PlayStation VR

The good news is you've got a lot of options when it comes to what you can use with PlayStation VR. Wired headphones of every type are supported, so if you already have a favorite pair of headphones you're already good to go!

If you're not sure which wired headset you want to go with, the two big features you want are audio quality and over-the-ear coverage. Muting the world around you is important, and comfort while playing games for an extended period of time is a big deal. On-ear headphones are unlikely to stay on your head during active gameplay, and there's a lot of room for discomfort with a lot of those designs. Stick with over-the-ear whenever you can for VR!

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Earbuds are always an option, but there's an increased chance of the earbuds falling out during gameplay. If you own a nice pair of active earbuds that you really enjoy you may find greater success with those, but for the most part earbuds aren't going to offer you the best audio experience for VR.

Wired headphones also mean another cable dangling around your body while you're playing, though, and that could be a problem when furiously moving around with PlayStation Move controllers in each hand. If you're thinking about going wireless, Sony already makes a fantastic headset specifically for the PlayStation 4 that sounds great and will play nice with PlayStation VR. It's called PlayStation Gold Wireless, and you can pick them up today!

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Go integrated with Bionic Mantis

For those of you that want something designed just for PlayStation VR, there is one last option. The Bionic Mantis headphones. Designed specifically for use in VR, these headphones look more like earbuds and deliver an awesome experience. They clip right onto your headset, and then rest against your ears. This means you won't get the uncomfortable feeling of an earbud jammed into your ear canal, or the discomfort of headphones digging into the top of your head. You get the superior audio quality of headphones with PlayStation VR, without wires to get in your way or earbuds that will fall out in the process.

The Bionic Mantis headphones also click directly in to your PlayStation VR, which ought to also help with sound quality. These are some of the first headphones built specifically for VR, and they were created with PlayStation VR users in mind. Heck, they even match the color. These are a great option for anyone who is looking for an awesome pair of headphones to use in VR, without a hefty price tag hitting your wallet.

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