Google Cardboard was the first phone based VR that hit the market, and for some users it's still a great way to get introduced to VR. However if it's been a few months since the last time you've pulled out your Cardboard viewer, then you may run into a problem. That problem being that you've lost your Cardboard QR code, and can't properly set up your Cardboard Viewer. Don't panic though, all is not lost. Instead we've got the details on how to deal with this problem.

Where to find codes

When you go to use your Cardboard Viewer, having access to the correct QR code is necessary. You need to scan that code to help calibrate your phone, and without it, you're going to be stuck up a creek without a paddle. Rather than spending time trying to hunt down the specific QR code that you need, there is actually a website that handles this for you. Yeap, you definitely read that right. That means this is the easiest method for finding your QR code, especially if you are not the techiest person in the room.

You can find codes for almost any Cardboard viewer right here. The codes are all separated by their Viewer, which makes it really easy to find the specific code that you are looking for. The list is alphabetical, so you may need to scroll down for a while to find your headset. Once you have found the correct code all you need to do is scan the QR code. Keep in mind this does mean you'll need to find the code on your computer or tablet so that you can scan it with your phone.

Now while there are dozens of different headsets with their corresponding QR codes, the list is not completely exhaustive. That means that there is a chance that your headset may not be there.

I still can't find my code, what now?

If your code isn't listed, and you can't seem to find it anywhere there is another option open to you. Now this one is a bit more complicated, so if you aren't comfortable with this, that's okay. Hopefully you were able to find the code you were looking for in the list we linked above. This option allows you to actually manufacture a code for your Cardboard Viewer.

You can build your own Cardboard Viewer right in the website, but it definitely requires a bit more time and effort. This means that if you aren't particularly tech savvy, this might not be an option that works for you. However, it does include step by step instructions, and if you've had issues finding your QR code online, this may be your only viable option.