Sparc is a brand new, competitive sports game that seems to have jumped out of Tron and into your PlayStation 4 system. The aim of the game is to chuck a ball at your opponent and hit them, but with angles coming into play, the ability to block, shields, and even curveballs, there is a lot here to parse. We've got the details on all of it for you right here!

What is Sparc?

Sparc is both a sport and a game, and they've taken the phrase Vsport to heart. You take the form of an avatar, facing off against another player. Your goal is to throw balls and either hit the player themselves or score a strike against that player. This is a game that will have you hurling balls so hard that your shoulder may hurt afterwards. You're able to dodge incoming balls, deflect balls using knuckle shields, and create a one-hit shield to protect yourself.

This game will quickly have you working up a sweat, and it's easy to see why this is a Vsport. It's a sport that could only really exist in VR, although the physical mechanics may feel similar to playing Tennis or Raquetball.

How do I get Sparc?

Sparc released on August 30, 2017 for PlayStation VR. For now that's the only system that it is available on, and it's only available as a digital download from the PlayStation Store. Thankfully it's a fairly small file, which means after you fork over $29.99 for the game you'll be able to get installed quite quickly.

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Are PlayStation Move controllers necessary?

In a word, yes. All of the controls within the game are based on movement, and a significant amount of that is hand movement. You'll be dodging, blocking, deflecting, and throwing balls of energy at your opponent and everything is controlled with the PlayStation Move controllers. You can't even get setup without them, since the first thing you'll do upon launching the game is calibrating your Move controllers for gameplay.

Does Sparc have a campaign mode?

Sparc doesn't have anything quite like a campaign mode because this game is built to played against other people. It's a sport, and you can't play sports all by your lonesome. While the main draw of Sparc is definitely the online Multiplayer modes, there is the collection of Challenges that you can pursue in single-player. These challenges will push you to the limits of how fast you can hit targets, and how many strikes you can throw in a certain amount of time.

Those challenges are also a handy way to hone your skills before jumping into multiplayer matches, especially if you run into initial issues with how to throw.

What are the levels like?

Sparc's multiplayer gameplay has three different types of gameplay, all of which will get your heart thumping as you play. Basic Brawl, Advanced Brawl, and Experimental mode all deliver slightly different gameplay that is a ton of fun to dive into.

Basic Brawls are where you'll want to start out at. You play in a tunnel sort of room facing your opponent, and you're able to punch opposing energy balls in order to deflect them. This mode lasts for three minutes, and you'll find that with knuckle guards that allow you to punch, you don't end up dodging particularly often.

Advanced Brawls are the second type of multiplayer gameplay, and it's definitely where movement becomes mandatory. You lose the ability to deflect enemy projectiles with your knuckles, and instead you'll have to lean on the shield that appears each time you pick up a ball. Additionally, these matches aren't timed, instead whichever player manages to score 4 points first is the winner.

Last but not least is the experimental mode. This room surrounds you with crazy angles, making it easy to throw some crazy shots which can ricochet and gain you a strike, or a hit against your opponent. Additionally, the Knuckle shields from Basic Brawls also appear in this mode.


Do you still have questions about Sparc? Are you ready to jump into the competition? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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