Star Trek: Bridge Crew

You may not always have three friends around to play Bridge Crew, and sometimes the online matchmaking puts you with people who are just plain not fun to play with. If you need your fix, but would prefer to play by yourself, solo gameplay is an option. You just need to know how to run a bridge by yourself and actually have fun in the process. Here are some tips!

Get good at giving commands

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

As Captain, you have access to more information than anyone else on the Bridge, so staying in your seat gives you a considerable advantage. There are a pair of very useful tools for Solo gameplay that make everything a lot easier to deal with. Captain commands can be given both to individual stations for specific tasks and to the whole crew in completing a group objective. This is useful in several ways, for example:

  • Prepare for Warp simultaneously tasks Helm and Engineering, so no need to give individual commands.
  • Engage Target tasks Helm and Tactical at the same time, so you move into position and prepare to fire immediately

Combining the individual commands with the ship-wide commands makes things a lot easier to manage, and can make you a lot more effective when you are playing with multiple people but don't have a full crew.

Avoid that Red Alert button

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

That big friendly red button is fun to use when playing with other humans, but it can get you into trouble quick when playing with AI. Red Alert triggers a series of behaviors in the Tactical AI, including raising shields and arming torpedoes. This may be exactly the thing you want to happen, or it could ramp up your detection range in a stealth mission and seriously screw you over.

Be very careful with Red Alert around AI, or your mission will quickly go sideways.

Take over a station as a last resort

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Once you've jumped to another station on the bridge, you don't have access to any of the information on your Captain's panels until you return to that seat. Most of the time it is easy to quickly return to that seat, but occasionally you have to keep your seat and that can cause problems.

During Warp and Impulse travel, for example, Helm and Tactical positions will keep you in those seats. This is important, because you usually want to do things at those stations after Warp and Impulse, but these commands can be just as easily given from the Captain's Chair and save you from being stuck.

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew

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