Star Trek: Bridge Crew

As long as you and your crewmates communicate well and execute on your combined strategies, most of Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a breeze. Where you'll run into the most trouble is if your ship isn't ready to spring into action when you need it to, or if your plan turns out to have some serious flaws. Not to worry, we've been playing for a while and found some clever tricks and cheats to help get you where you need to go.

Shoot first and don't ask questions

Most of the enemies you encounter in Star Trek: Bridge Crew don't have shields fully deployed when they engage you. This is especially true when fighting a group of ships, the ones further back will frequently take longer to fully raise shields. This presents a unique opportunity to quickly unbalance the scales and give you an advantage.

Instead of targeting the closest vessel, make sure your Tactical Officer targets the closest thing with shields that aren't fully deployed. These vessels will be much easier to eliminate, which means your skirmish is going to be much shorter than initially intended.

Split targeting, and focus your attacks

Did you know the ship you're firing at doesn't have to be the ship you're scanning? Start a scan and move on, picking another target to fire upon. That way, when you're ready to see the scan results, someone else on the Bridge can work on System Intrusion methods to slow your opponents down.

It's also important to remember you can pinpoint specific parts of a ship with phaser fire once you've completed a scan. Know what you call a ship with disabled engines and weapons pointed away from you? Not your problem right now.

Power Routing hacks are your friend

You can only pull off these tricks for seconds at a time before doing serious damage to your ship, but power routing can give you a serious advantage in a fight if you use it correctly.

  • Diverting power to phasers increases the distance you fire, not the strength of the weapon. If you overload phaser power for 20 seconds, you give Tactical a significant advantage in a fight.

  • Diverting power to engines gives you a significant speed boost, but only for a little while before damaging engines. ONLY divert power to engines when Helm is already at max throttle, so that extra time can be spent getting where you are going faster.

  • Shield strength is affected by power routing, but recharge rates are significantly less affected by this. If you're trying to get shields back quickly, the best course of action is to send repair crews to the emitters. Save the power routing for when the shields are already up.

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