The first thing a lot of people ask other Star Trek: Bridge Crew players when talking for the first time is how many people they've rescued from the Kobiyashi Maru. True to its name, this test is more about how effective you can be before this infamous ship is destroyed and not whether you were 100% successful in your mission.

Instead of aiming for a total success, Ubisoft has an achievement for rescuing 120 people from this ship. It's not an easy thing to do, but here are some tips to help ensure success.

Tactical shouldn't be running the transporter

It's common for whoever is at the Tactical position to also handle Transport and System intrusion, but in this fight it is important for Tactical to focus entirely on weapons, shields, and System Intrusion.

When in actual combat, the best advice for staying alive the longest is:

  • Remember you can scan one target and fire at another simultaneously
  • Disable weapon targeting as frequently as possible
  • If you can fire before your enemy's shields are fully up, make that a priority for a huge advantage
  • Avoid raising shields in the early waves if you can

Helm should stay near the Kobiyashi Maru

The longer you are able to keep Klingon vessels from firing on the Kobiyashi Maru, the longer you're going to have to transport people from the ship. Park the Aegis as close as possible for the first couple of waves, and try to stay as close as possible later on.

It's also probably a good idea for Helm to handle Transport, but some other things to keep in mind:

  • Full throttle along your Z axis (that's up and down int his game) can help you dodge enemy torpedoes. You'll never be able to dodge all of them, but every dodge helps
  • Remember to lean on reverse to keep an enemy ship on in your sights if it gets super close
  • Plot an impulse course early, so you can escape quickly if you really need to

Engineering needs to micromanage everything

The key to a successful Kobiyashi Maru run is Engineering. A solid Engineer has the ability to make ensure your phasers can hit at a longer range for a moment, keep your shields up for that last torpedo volley, and make sure all of the systems stay up and running. If you are trying to get to 120 survivors, your engineer needs to be great.

Here's how to keep this ship running smooth during the Kobiyashi Maru:

  • Don't engage power routing to phasers until your Tactical officer is ready to fire. Every second counts!
  • Route full power to shields as soon as they are engaged. The first few hits to the shields happen while that ship is being scanned, and you can give your Tactical officer a few more seconds for System Intrusion.
  • Keep an eye on the shield marker on your Tactical officer's panel. Remind them to drop shields as often as possible so they can recharge

Captain, keep an eye on everything

It's common to hear the Command position isn't important during the Kobiyashi Maru, but that's not true at all. From the Captain's Chair you have access to more information than any other position, and you can use that to better coordinate everyone.

Keep your Status and Local panels open, and use them to:

  • Prioritize repairs with Engineering
  • Call out targets with shields down so you can better prioritize
  • Coordinate Transport and shield switching effectively

With all four of these positions actively crewed and working together, getting to 120 survivors is absolutely possible. Good luck!

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