Disney have recently opened 2 new Star Wars VR experiences at their resorts in Florida and in Downtown Disney in L.A. Secrets of the Empire is a full VR experience using mobile VR units along with props and even scent towers to create the most immersive VR experience we have ever seen. We haven't been able to go and see it yet so this isn't a review but from what we know so far it sounds amazing.

Of course, not everyone will be able to get to see these experiences so here's a list of some of the other Star Wars VR experiences available for you.

Check out more about Secrets of the Empire here!

Lenovo Jedi Challenges

At $199 the Lenovo Jedi challenge is a little more expensive than other alternatives but is also as close to the Voids full immersion setup as you can get. Using your mobile phone, a special headset, and the amazing looking Lightsaber hilt, you can finally fight the good fight against the Sith, or just sit and enjoy some HoloChess. To get a proper feel of how good the Jedi challenge really is check out Russell Holly's Review over at Android Central.

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PlayStation VR: X-Wing Mission in Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront added a cool, extra mission in an update to it's PlayStation 4 edition last year. In it you get to fly an X-Wing mission in the game from your PSVR in first person perspective. As it is an older game and really just a demo, the experience is a little nauseating but is a great first foray into Star Wars space combat.

Flying around in the cockpit of an X-wing is pretty much everybody's dream from the first time they watch Star Wars so, if you own the original game already, this is certainly worth playing. Actually, the game is only $20 at best buy so it might be worth buying just for that.

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Star Wars App: Jakku Spy

The official Disney Star Wars app has several different VR and AR experiences baked into the app. The AR is fairly simple, scan a poster or DVD box cover and you can select from different 3d models to view. The model then appears over the poster so you can move around and see it, requiring no headset, all you need is your phone.

The VR is a little more fun and is based on the force awakens. When the movie was first coming out Disney would post these short VR segments for Google Cardboard each day before the release. They are, of course, now all available to view from the APP and are pretty enjoyable to watch, you don't really interact. For a simple VR experience it does give you that sense of wonder that you want from VR, the feeling you are in the moment.

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Steam VR: Trials on Tatooine

Trials on Tatooine is an interactive short movie available on the Vive. It's really just an experiment from ILM's Xlab, a place designed to find the next thing in videography and movie making, to see how an interactive movie might work. You get to push a few buttons and swing a lightsaber about, but your actions have no impact on the actual story itself so you are still more of a passive onlooker than a protagonist.

The whole demo is only five minutes long, but it is free and it is fun to be in the star wars world listening in to Han and Chewie while R2 helps you get a lightsaber to defend against the Imperials heading your way.

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Droid Repair Bay 360 Experience

Droid Repair is another Xlab short story featuring BB8 and some friends of his. In this you get to use the your Vive to help you repair all the astro mechs to help them fight the first order. It's simple, fun and great for younger kids to enjoy interacting in the Star Wars universe. It's also free on the Steam store so well worth your time to just pick and play.

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The Force Awakens 360 Experience

Originally made for Facebook, this 360 YouTube video puts you in the hot seat of Rey's speeder as you try to move across Jakku, looking for things worth selling. It's a short video and, again, designed by xLabs to show off what they could do in the future. I really like that ILM is releasing these experiments instead of keeping them locked up. It doesn't matter that they are short or not perfect, they just expand the Star Wars content out there in the world, and that can only be a good thing.

Google AR Stickers

While not strictly an experience per se, Googles new AR stickers on the Pixel and Pixel 2 are certainly a lot of fun to play around with. Baked right in to the camera, these stickers a placed into the world in front of you and can be used in videos and still images to create some fun scenes.

This is still very much a work in progress and our sister site Android Central as more info on how they work and what you can do with them once you have bought your new, and simply amazing, Pixel 2

Have you seen any other Star Wars experiences to show off VR? Let is know down in the comments and we will ad them into the article.

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