Our sites are living things. Not in the sense that they're breathing, eating, procreating beasts (though sometimes it feels that way), but in that they're always changing and evolving to meet the needs of our users — you.

We've gone through a number of changes over the past year, and we wanted to check in with you and get your opinion on all of it. How are we doing on reviews, on news, on recommendations, in the forums, on Facebook and Twitter, in our videos, and more? This is your chance to tell us.

Below you'll find a survey on all of that and more, where your responses will help us evaluate our progress and chart our course ahead. Tell us how we're doing — there are no wrong answers, and we especially want to hear if you think there are places where we could improve.

Fair warning: this is a long one, you're looking at around 30-45 minutes to complete, so if you want to open this in another tab or window, here's the link to do that.

Oh, and as a thank you for your time, everybody who completes this survey will be entered to win their choice of a slew of exciting new gadgets, from the Samsung Galaxy S8 or LG V30 or iPhone 8 to the Xbox One X or a Microsoft Surface Pro i5 to a new VR headset from HTC or Oculus!