Holding augmented reality in the palm of your hand has never been as affordable as the Merge Cube, but what exactly can you do with this thing? We've played every game and app available today, and have the short list of the best apps you can experience through this clever little accessory today.

Here are the apps you need!

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Mr. Body

You can't look inside a real person without getting into trouble, but this app lets you take a peek inside an animated figure and play around with what you see inside. This figure is almost human, but all of the bits inside are all of the same brains and lungs and intestine you'd expect in a human.

Merge Cube lets you spin this person around, and through the screen you can look at each of the different internal parts of the body as you see fit. Tap on an organ to see a description of how it works, and spin the body around to see how many different things you can find.

It's a great little educational app, and since it's also a free app Mr. Body is well worth being a part of your library.

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Tilt puzzles on your phone are a ton of fun. You can get into some really exciting puzzles, but like all tilt puzzles you're limited to the 2D space.

Unless, of course, you have a Merge Cube.

Tiltball lets you play tilt puzzles in a 3D space, which adds a ton of unique new challenges to solve. As if that weren't enough, the puzzles are also made of different materials, like stone and ice.

This game will keep you busy for quite a while, and it'll only set you back $.99.

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Would you play Minecraft in a world that was actually a six-sided cube you could hold in your hand and move around as you see fit?

Calling this game Minecraft is a bit of a disservice. While there are some similarities in general design, the way you interact thanks to the Merge Cube makes the whole experience a ton of fun. You can actually bore a hole straight through to the other side and use the inner tunnel as a home with a bed and everything.

It's great fun, and should absolutely be a part of your library because it's free!

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Move quickly and diffuse the bomb, but be careful! The bomb parts are all on all sides of the Merge Cube, and each cube is a little different. The key to victory is speed, memory, and actually reading the instructions.

This is one of the best examples of what makes Merge Cube special. It's a great puzzle experience, and the kind thing you just can't do the same way without that tactile experience.

Add this one to your library, and feel good about the $2.99 you just spent.

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Galactic Explorer

Exploring the solar system digitally is something every kid should be able to do, especially if you live in an area where looking up at the night sky doesn't reveal that many stars each night. Where some apps let you take a look at the universe from a 2D perspective, Galactic Explorer lets you hold the solar system in your hand and learn about all of the different planets within.

With your Merge Cube, you can pick up the Sun and watch the planets (yes, even Pluto for all of you old school folks) as they revolve around it. Tap on any planet, and you'll zoom in to that place and explore the moon or moons that circle that planet as well.

This is a fantastic way to bring a little bit of space with you anywhere, and for $1.99 there's really no reason to not add this to your library.

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