Here's how to give a kick-ass HTC Vive demonstration!

If you're planning to demo your HTC Vive with the best experiences, you'll be looking for titles which feel both immersive an intuitive. Whether for their natural control schemes, intriguing concepts or general accessibility, the following titles are our top picks!


When first submerging your friends inside the HTC Vive, theBlu serves as a great entry point into virtual reality. With little controller input, the game gives new players a chance to understand the basic concepts behind headset movement and room-scale technologies.

Taking place in the depths of the ocean, theBlu allows players to roam scripted scenes which show the beauty of high-quality virtual reality. Populated with highly detailed aquatic life, the experience offers one of the best-looking examples of the headset's potential.

TheBlu is available for $9.99 on Steam, offering three short but high-quality levels.

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The Lab

After being acquainted with a short demo of virtual reality, The Lab is a great way to get players familiar with both controls and the conventions of the platform. With eight different game modes, The Lab offers a range of different experiences for any type of player.

Each of The Lab's experiences takes advantage of a range of technologies, showing the variety of experiences possible with HTC Vive. From more atmospheric and narrative based games to educational demos, The Lab offers something interesting for any type of player.

As a free download for the HTC Vive, The Lab is an unmissable experience!

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Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush has emerged as an appealing title for many, being as an educational title that makes use of the HTC Vive's most outstanding features. Setting players free in a digital sandbox, players can create 3D sculptures using the HTC Vive's controllers.

With dozens of differing brushes and tools, players can create whatever ideas come to mind. Although a creative mind can help with larger endeavors, Tilt Brush is an accessible title for anyone new to virtual reality. Taking advantage of full room-scale tracking, Tilt Brush is among the best educational tools on the platform.

While Tilt Brush is sometimes offered as a free download alongside the purchase of an HTC Vive, the game can also be purchased for $19.99 from the Steam store.

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Audioshield sits among the HTC Vive's most immersive titles, managing to create a truly engaging rhythm-based experience. With similar mechanics to many established rhythm-based franchises, the addition of virtual reality brings your whole body into the experience.

By blocking beats with the two controllers, Audioshield's control scheme is easy to pick up and feels intuitive from the outset. The added integration of Soundcloud also adds hugely to the experience, allowing players to tailor the game to their taste in music.

Audioshield is available for $19.99 on Steam.

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Holopoint is a simple but engaging archery experience for the HTC Vive, which pits the players against waves of targets. Using full-body motion control, players fire at targets while quickly dodging incoming projectiles. Difficulty scales as Holopoint's waves progress, making for a more challenging experience over time.

Holopoint is available now for $14.99, through the Steam store.

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Eagle Flight

Once you've demoed the HTC Vive's room-scale capabilities, seated experiences can be a great way to show a new take on VR gameplay. Being fixed to a single point, flying and driving experiences are among the most immersive for new players. Ubisoft's Eagle Flight is among the best of these experiences, allowing players to take control of a bird in a first-person view.

With a clean art style and easy-to-use controls, Eagle Flight is a great game to showcase to new users. The game also offers a huge range of content and an overall high-quality experience, being a perfect example of virtual reality's potential.

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What about you?

What titles do you use to showcase your HTC Vive? Think they should be on this list? Make sure to let us know in the comments!