Your PlayStation VR collection should include these titles!

Sony and their partners did a great job making sure there are plenty of great games for you to play in PlayStation VR on launch day. It doesn't matter if you're into shooting, flying, music, adventure, or silly games that involve putting bacon in a blender, there really is something for everyone to enjoy.

That also means it's not entirely clear which games you should go for first, but we've been playing through all of them and have some suggestions for you! If you're starting a PlayStation VR collection, make sure these games are on your list!

Eve: Valkyrie

If you're a fan of flying through space and shooting things, either by yourself or with others, you need Eve: Valkyrie in your life. CCP Games expanded their Eve universe to put you in the cockpit of some incredible interplanetary fighters so you and your friends can really jump in and feel the action.

The VR view looks and feels amazing as you track your enemies by looking around you, and the environments you fight in are just plain beautiful. This is a must-have for every PlayStation VR owner.

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Job Simulator

Not a fan of running around and shooting or chopping things? Couldn't be bothered with horror games filled with jump scares? Owlchemy Labs invites you to play with mostly friendly robots instead! Job Simulator puts you in a future where there aren't many humans left, and the robots that have taken over are graciously giving you simple jobs to perform so you're not bored to death.

The game is silly, complex, and easily one of the best PlayStation VR experiences you can have with friends. Invite a bunch of people over so everyone can take turns, and you are guaranteed a night of laughs.

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Batman: Arkham VR

Are you ready to #WearTheCowl? Batman: Arkham VR puts you behind the mask in a way no other Batman game has ever managed. Grab a Batarang from your Bat Utility Belt and take down a bad guy, use your remarkable gadgets and detective instincts to track down clues, and get ready to see Batman in a while new way.

This game is a little on the short side, but well worth the price of admission for any fan of the Dark Knight.

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RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

Any opportunity you have to climb into a giant robot and blow up other giant robots should be immediately taken advantage of. RIGS places you in the cockpit of a robot that has been tuned for sport arena combat, where the crowds pay big money to see which pilot has what it takes to survive.

It's fast-paced, constant-action combat unlike anything else in PlayStation VR right now, and well worth it if you like hanging off the edge of your seat and shooting everything that moves.

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One of the best PlayStation VR demos is now one of the best PlayStation VR launch titles! Headmaster takes a simple idea and ramps the quality up to 11, making it the first thing anyone who comes over and asks to check out your PSVR should try out. Soccer balls come flying at you from every direction, and you need to hit them with your face at the right angle so they hit one of the many targets in the virtual environment.

It's ridiculously addictive, the virtual environments are thoroughly silly, and you will quickly wonder how you lost so much time playing this game.

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Driveclub VR

Racing games are not easy to pull off in VR, especially when you've got a solid brand for delivering very specific racing experiences elsewhere. Driveclub nails the virtual experience by making you feel like you're in the driver's seat in many different ways. Visually the game is fantastic, but physically you can play Driveclub VR with steering wheels and shifters that quickly pull you even deeper into the virtual world.

It's unlikely another racing game will feel quite this complete for a while, so dig in and get ready to have some fun unlocking everything in Driveclub.

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The Brookhaven Experiment

While other horror games are relying on cheap jump scares and loud noises to send you pulling the headset off in a cold sweat, The Brookhaven Experiment is legitimately terrifying. It's a stationary shooter that leans heavily on zombies and realistic-ish guns to get you hooked, but what really fills your nightmares is how well the spatial audio tells your brain there's something behind you.

This game will scare you in the middle of the day, but with Move controllers in hand you can really jump into the action and have some fun. Just be careful not to accidentally punch someone in the real world while pistol-whipping a zombie.

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Here They Lie

When it comes to building a creepy atmospheric vibe for a Horror game in VR, Here they Lie excels. It depends primarily on jump scares, and using sound and environment to scare you, but it does so very well. 3D audio makes each creak and noise even creepier, and added to the grey landscape and story it's an awesome time for horror fans.

The game is immersive and creepy, getting you lost within a city that you don't quite remember. It uses a Dualshock controller, but most of your actions revolve around running through the world chasing your lost love, and running from the beast hiding in the alleys.

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Rhythmic violence is the name of the game in Thumper. Using music, and graphics this game makes you a part of the music. You'll have to jump, swerve, and ride the curves all the while adding to the music with your actions. Dozens of stages to complete, with a game that quickly becomes more and more difficult to excel at.

The graphics are trippy and gorgeous in VR, but you'll soon be going so fast that it's fairly difficult to pay much attention. Playing with headphones is definitely recommended because hearing what is going on will make staying on beat much, much easier. Addictive, and easy to pick up, this is a find for anyone who enjoys rhythmic music games.

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Werewolves Within

For many people the fun in playing video games comes from being able to interact with other gamers. If you've been looking for a great social game on PlayStation VR, then look no further than Werewolves Within. You'll have to confer with your fellow players in order to out the Werewolves that have been eating their way through your small village, and this is a game that absolutely relies on players talking with one another and using their powers of deduction.

When you play you'll get a role that will either help you to figure out who the wolf is, or to help the Werewolf hide. Since each game randomizes the roles that are handed out, no two games are precisely the same. You can play random matchmaker games with other people you've never met, or invite your friends for some treacherous fun.

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