These are the best VR games that don't rely on teleportation

If your VR legs are sturdy and you're comfortable getting around a game without teleportation, you probably prefer standard locomotion. It's usually more immersive, and it can really make horror games a lot scarier. If you have an iron stomach and don't want to teleport anymore, here are the best VR games that feature natural locomotion.


Despite it still sitting in Steam's Early Access section, Onward has a large following and overwhelmingly positive reviews. It is a first-person shooter styled as a military simulator, so you can expect lulls in action before intense firefights. Graphics are beautiful, and everything is highly detailed.

Want to go prone? You're going to have to actually lie down on the ground. Want to chat with your teammates? Depress your walkie's button and hope there are no enemies about. Locomotion is handled with the thumbpad on your Vive controller and joystick on your Touch controller, plus you can move around as you normally would with a room-scale setup. No teleportation here.

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Robo Recall

Robo Recall is a game primarily focused around teleportation — which they do really well — but, thanks to full mod support and some avid fans, standard locomotion mods were hot on the tail of the game's release. The devs have also stated they're coming out with an official fix that will likely allow you to still hit the leaderboards, but until then, the mods will do just fine.

As far as gameplay goes, Robo Recall is sitting comfortably at the top of arcadey VR first-person shooters. Tongue-in-cheek humor, the ability to dismantle robots with your hands, and frantic action make this a must-have for all fans of VR.

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Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

If you already own the Windows 10 version of Minecraft, grabbing the free upgrade for the Rift is a no-brainer. It's everything you love about Minecraft, only in VR.

Zombies, creepers, and other baddies are twice as scary, and entering dark caves is a serious decision. There is Touch controller support for Rift, but you can also use your gamepad, especially with your Gear VR. No teleportation here; it's all smooth locomotion.


Windlands is a fairly unique game that involves you using your Vive wands, Touch controllers, or Move controllers to swing around with grappling hooks. The world you move through is made up of beautiful, lush islands, and you really get a sense of height and speed.

The object of the game is to uncover the secrets of the ancients that once lived here, but the overall experience is geared toward a relaxing trip. There's no teleportation here, and your VR legs really need to be sturdy to handle this locomotion.

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is already terrifying, but when you put on the PSVR head-mounted display and actually move into the terrible mansion, you might have a hard time convincing your psyche to finish the game.

Not using teleportation is a pretty obvious choice here, as being able to get away that easily would sort of wreck the overall horror of the game. If you want to be able to look over your shoulder as you're chased down a hallway by a murderous ghoul, definitely give Resident Evil 7 a shot.

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Arizona Sunshine

Another first-person shooter sitting at the top of the VR hierarchy, Arizona Sunshine started out with a teleportation-based movement system that sort of wrecked the otherwise impressive immersion found in the zombie-infested Arizona desert.

The devs listened to the critics, and a locomotion patch was swiftly released, allowing players to move naturally around the spooky world. Satisfying gunplay, detailed graphics, and a bit of humor; what else do you need?

Here They Lie

Here They Lie is another great horror VR game that doesn't let you teleport to safety. Instead, you have to use natural locomotion to get around, which really does make thing scarier.

The monochrome world is mostly dark, lit only by your flashlight, and it's up to you to find the only color in the world: your lover's yellow dress. If you love horror games that don't rely on jump scares, check out Here They Lie.

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ADR1FT was one of the first VR games to use the dark vacuum of space as a setting, and the result is a nightmarish ordeal involving suffocation and isolation. Because you're in zero gravity, you can turn any which way with the boosters on your spacesuit, which is pretty interesting and pretty unsettling if you aren't sitting down.

There's no teleportation here, as it's all about using your momentum to get around. The ruined space station you're navigating is downright gorgeous, and the sense of urgency when your oxygen levels run low is seriously terrifying. Love space but not sure if you really want to visit? Check out ADR1FT.

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