Here's what's new for the HTC Vive for the month of June 2017!

A number of interesting titles are set to release for the HTC Vive this month, fit for the fan of any of virtual reality genre. Although we won't be getting any highly anticipated releases from big studios, some indie gems are on the horizon. Here's an in-depth breakdown of all the HTC Vive games releasing over the month of June 2017.

Note: This list is compiled from Steam store listings at the start of the month.

Notable releases this month

QBike: Cyberpunk Motorcycles

QBike: Cyberpunk Motorcycles is shaping up to be a top pick for fans of the Tron franchise, with a racing experience taking clear influence from the movies' Light Cycles. The online multiplayer racer will have players battling it out through intense arenas, using bikes that leave a deadly 'tail' behind them. The game will also come with synth wave soundtrack, inspired by the electronic tunes of classic cyberpunk films.

QBike will be available sometime this June, via Steam's Early Access program. Over time new modes and gameplay opportunities will be added, before a full release planned for later this year.

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Microcosm is a voxel-based drawing game launching for the HTC Vive, taking advantage of room scale and motion controls to offer a canvas for building cubic structures. Following a number of voxel-style games in the wake of Minecraft's success, Microcosm is a more creative, large-scale take on the concept with a more artistic slant.

While the game will be launching with a majority of launch features, its Steam Early Access release will ensure stability and polish for all users. Other planned features include more block types, a day/night cycle and achievement support. Microcosm releases in early June for exclusively for the HTC Vive via SteamVR.

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More HTC Vive releases this June

Titles confirmed for some time in June 2017

What will you be playing?

Which HTC Vive titles will you be picking up this month? Already catching up on an existing backlog? Make sure to let us know in the comments section!