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Is anyone else as excited as we are?!?! Playstation Virtual Reality (PSVR) is coming October 19, and honestly that date can't come soon enough. Did you already pre-order your bundle? Depending on which one you ordered, you'll have to customize your shopping list.

The launch bundle comes with everything you need to play except the actual Playstation. You get the VR headset, necessary cables and power adapters, headphones, Playstation camera, two Move controllers, and a copy of Playstation VR Worlds and a copy of the Playstation VR Demo. This is the granddaddy bundle that will have you playing on day one.

The core bundle comes with the VR headset, headphones, necessary cables and power adapters, and that's about it. If you already have a Playstation camera and Move controllers stashed away in the back of a cabinet somewhere, the core bundle is the one you want. If you don't, these accessories are available for sale separately.

Both bundles are great, but there are still several accessories you'll want to consider having in your inventory when PSVR drops. From steering wheels to mock rifles to hardware upgrades for the PS4 itself, these accessories are going to maximize your fun!

Playstation camera

Playstation camera

If you don't go in for or can't manage to get the launch PSVR bundle, you're going to need to invest in a Playstation camera. It is a necessary component for using your VR headset — without it you're going to have a bad time (i.e. no time at all). It tracks the front and back of your head's movement, and, if you have the Move controllers, tracks their movement as well.

The PS camera also lets you log in with facial recognition, lets you move through the menus without a controller, and lets you stream games with picture-in-picture video of you in the corner.

You're going to want to show off your new toy, so this works two ways. You need it for PSVR to work, but you're also going to enjoy the hell out of it.

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Move controllers

Playstation Move controller

Let's face it; some VR games are better when your hand movements are tracked. If you're one for full immersion and you're up for some physical activity while you game, you're going to want to invest in these. They're not absolutely necessary — all games are compatible with the Dualshock 4 controller — but will definitely add to your VR experience.

Keep in mind that the launch PSVR bundle comes with two Move controllers, but the core bundle does not come with any. Yes, you're going to need two of these babies for PSVR, and you'll need the Playstation camera for them to work properly.

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Playstation Gold wireless headphones

Playstation Gold wireless headphones

Are you someone who dislikes earbuds? The PSVR comes standard with in-ear stereo earbuds that, while delivering an awesome experience, might not be up your alley. Playstation's own Gold wireless headphones are a great alternative, at least until the Plantronics RIG 4VR headphones come out.

The Gold headphones deliver 7.1 surround sound that'll knock your socks off, and they're wireless so you'll have one less cord to deal with. They're comfortable, they're loud, and they fit over your PSVR headset. There are three colors to choose from, so you can add some style to your VR setup. What's not to like?

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Playstation Plus membership

PS Plus membership

A PS Plus membership, by this point in time, is almost necessary for all serious gamers. The main benefit is of course online multiplayer capabilities, but a close second is the monthly collection of free games. There's nothing confirmed yet, but it's hard to imagine at least one free game of October not being for PSVR.

Any of your friends who have a PS Plus membership can hop into your game even if they don't own it themselves. This is a great feature for when the PSVR is released — you're going to want to play all the games, so coordinate with your friends who are also picking it up. You'll be able to game-share and experience much more than you would on your own.

On top of free games you also get deep discounts on the PS Store and a ton of cloud storage (Playstation hard drives are only 500GB). Yearly subscriptions to PS Plus cost about $50, but the amount of content you receive for free is worth much, much more.

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PSVR Aim controller

Aim controller

The Aim controller, if it works as intended, could be a game-changer. How many fans of shooters have dreamed about something like this? Yes, there are other controllers that resemble rifles, but not like this.

It is designed for 1:1 movement — where you move the physical gun is where the virtual gun goes. Want to aim with precision? Hold it up, close one eye, look down the sights. So cool. The Aim controller has a trigger where you'd expect it, a couple of analog sticks and a directional pad, and your four standard buttons. Left-handed? Don't worry; this thing is ambidextrous.

Although there is no official release date, the hype surrounding the Aim controller seems to be centered on Farpoint, which releases October 13, 2016. There is no price either, but set some capital aside if you plan on picking it up when it's released.

Thrustmaster VG T300RS racing wheel

Thrustmaster VG T300RS

If you think racing in VR is fun now, wait until you have your hands wrapped around an actual steering wheel. With titles like Gran Turismo Sport and Project CARS on the PSVR horizon, having a steering wheel and pedals is going to make your place the stop for gaming.

Thrustmaster has created an officially licensed PS4 11-inch steering wheel that doesn't feel like it's going to fall apart. It's made from brushed steel with a rubber layer for grip, and even has paddle shifters. The attachment system lets you hook on to basically anything — desks, tables, etc. — which is required because of the wheel's haptic feedback. Yeah, you're going to know when you're going around a tight turn, and you're going to feel it when a car sideswipes you.

The pedals are also made of metal (insert pedal to the metal joke here) so your lead foot won't snap any plastic on the first straight-away. Love racing games? Get ready to experience them like never before.

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Seagate 1TB SSD

Seagate 1TB SSD

The 500GB hard drive that comes stock with your PS4 is a problem for most modern gamers. Blockbusters like Grand Theft Auto V and Fallout 4 take between 30GB and 50GB of space each. Throw in your OS and updates, saved videos and music, and you're looking at a hard drive crisis before you know it.

Replacing the internal storage on your PS4 is relatively easy — a few screws and some software downloads and you'll be back in business with twice as much storage space as before. The best part of this upgrade? A solid state drive boots much faster than a hard disk drive. Sick of long load times while gaming on PS4? This should do the trick.

Sony has said that all PS4 games can be played within VR in a cinematic mode — you sitting in front of a five-meter screen (woah!) — and there are over 100 games already listed as being fully compatible with PSVR. There's no doubt you're going to need more storage.

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For the future: Plantronics RIG 4VR headphones

Plantronics RIG 4VR headphones

These headphones are specially designed for VR. Does it sound like a sales gimmick? It's not.

Noise-cancelling headphones aren't great for VR because of balance issues. Being able to hear ambient sounds around you helps with staying upright even in the most intense gaming sessions. The ear pads on the RIG 4VR are vented to allow in sound around you. You'll also be able to hear your friends around you while you play, and when you respond you won't be yelling like you're in the middle of a hurricane (it happens).

The design is meant to fit with your PSVR, and interchangeable cords allow you to use these headphones with all your devices. The microphone is removable and is noise-cancelling — if you're in the middle of an intense match and need to communicate with your teammates, your friends sitting around in the living room won't interfere.

It's easy to imagine a plethora of headphones coming out specifically for VR, but for now Plantronics is at the head of the curve. They're expected to release late 2016, so for now check out Playstation's Gold headphones to go with your PSVR.

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What do you plan on picking up before the October launch day? Let us know in the comments section below!

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