Playstation VR has a great selection of games for your adventures in VR. The list of games continues to expand going forward, with new titles added to the lineup each month. This month there are only two new games hitting the scene, but they're definitely worth your time!

Notable releases this month

The games we're most excited for!

The Inpatient

The Inpatient is a great psychological thriller coming out towards the end of January. Connected to SuperMassive Games' Until Dawn, this is a choose your own adventure game with a twist. You play an amnesiac locked up in a sanatorium in the 50s, but things are definitely not what they seem. You'll need to uncover both what is going on around you in the asylum, as well as try to figure out why you've been locked up to start with.

Players of the original Until Dawn may recognize the name of the sanatorium, and it definitely connects, but in order to uncover the mystery you'll need to play! The Inpatient releases on January 23.

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Dexed is a fun, colorful, on the rail shooter. You'll be transported under the water, through caverns filled with lava, and plenty more, all while tagging and shooting enemies using your PlayStation Move controllers. One hand has ice-based attacks, and the other has fire-based for you to use on the swarms of enemies you may run across. Of course you also get access to a shield in order to block enemies from attacking you.

Dexed has several different modes of play including Zen, Arcade, and Challenge options. You can also compete against friends, or the internet at large with Leaderboards. It releases on January 31.

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What are you playing?

November had some real gems that we'll be trying for sure! Are you interested in this month's lineup? Or is there an existing PlayStation VR game you're hooked on? Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know about it!

Updated January 2nd for January, 2017: We've continued to update this list at the beginning of each month with new releases.

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