When it comes to VR, immersion is half the fun. Feeling like you're really in the cockpit, or behind the wheel of a car. Whether you've already picked up a racing wheel, or you're considering picking one up, you'll need to know which PlayStation VR racing games support this awesome accessory!

That's why we've collected every PlayStation VR game that supports a racing wheel accessory right here!

Not many options

The truth of the matter is that there really aren't many racing games on PlayStation VR, to begin with, and not all of them support using a racing wheel. Hopefully this will change with future races, but for now, you're really limited to just two or three games. While this is a bit of a letdown, it's also important to know if you're considering picking up a driving wheel for the feel of a wheel under your hands as you lean into the tight turns and pass opposing drivers.

PlayStation VR games that support racing wheels


While it's unfortunate that for now there aren't very many racing games in VR, hopefully, that will change in 2018. Thankfully the games that are both VR and steering wheel compatible deliver some pretty awesome gameplay. Is there another game that we missed on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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PlayStation VR


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