The Merge Cube from Merge VR is a real treat! At just $10.99 it opens up augmented reality in a way haven't really seen before and, although it is fairly new there are a handful of fun apps you might enjoy.

We have filtered through the different apps, both 3rd party and branded, to give you the best of the bunch.

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Do you remember the game that came preloaded on the HTC phones of yesteryear called Teeter? It helped show off the "The Wonder of Gyroscopes" in the devices by tilting a ball along a maze to reach the goal.

Well, Tiltball is Teeter squared. Using the Merge Cube to create a truly 3D tilt machine you have to navigate your little green ball across traps and over bridges to get it to the next castle. The controls for Tiltball are simple, just tilt the cube. No pressing the screen or anything fiddly. This means kids and adults can enjoy the game equally.

The game feels smooth most of the time but does slow slightly if you move too quickly. make sure your hands don't cover too much of the cube at the same time while you are playing though, If they do the cube will return to its mundane view but the game will pause, which some others don't.

All around this game is a great starting point for anyone who has recently bought the Merge Cube. It's a game we are all familiar with and is an excellent game to play with or without a headset.

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If any of you have ever played Bop It! You will be familiar with the concept of Defused! The aim is simple, to disable the bomb before it explodes using the combinations of tasks given to you by the game.

For example, in round one, you may be asked to activate all the number 7 switches. You will be given a time limit to turn the Cube on all 3 axis to find the faces with number 7 switches and tap on the screen or press the VR button to activate them. If you do it, great! You get a harder challenge. Fail and the cube explodes and you have to restart.

Defused! Is one of those frustratingly fun games that cause you to laugh and scream all at the same time. The replay factor is high as the situations change all the time and there is room for the game to expand. I personally would love to see a multiplayer aspect where multiple people have to move the cube between them to help defuse the bomb. As I have said earlier this technology is very new so I expect to see improvements as we move forward.

Find Defused! on Google Play

Elemental Order

Elemental Order is another memory game using the Merge Cube. It has the look of a Tron style Holocron cube that flashes the different colors on each side in sequence. All you have to do is turn the cube to the correct side and touch the screen/press the Headset button, in the right order. As you play they increasingly complicated so expect to be frustrated by the end of the day.

One thing Elemental Order did that is frustrating is to play the game horizontally when in Phone mode. The merge cube comes with a really handy stand to put your phone in when you don't have a Headset but it requires the phone to play in portrait, so you can use two hands to play. Without the stand, I was forced to play by holding the phone in one hand and the cube in the other, not too much of an issue for this game but for the next one it was a real barrier.

Find Elemental Order on Google Play


Cybercube is a fast paced puzzle game with a fun timed mechanic. Your system is being taken over by malicious code and you have to use your cube to input the right symbols to keep the code at bay. You do this by matching the three symbols on the screen to the sides of the cube and letting the cube scan the side, once all three have been scanned the code encroaching on your screen reduces and you get to try again. Everything speeds up as you get later through the levels so speed is important.

This game would work far better with the Headset than without, as spinning the cube and holding the phone is problematic. However, the scanning system works a lot better than needing to tap the phone as well. IT's fun, simple game that can get the heart racing as you try to stop the code covering your screen.

Find CyberCube on Google Play

AR Kitten

Ok so this might be stretching the term "Best App" but still, it's so cute! It's essentially a tamagotchi cat that sits on your Merge cube that you have to pet and feed to keep alive. You get to use the merge cube in slightly different ways too though which is nice to see, using the cube as a box of kitty treats you have to shake or making it your hand to stroke the cat is something a little strange but unique.

The game also has a minigame section to collect gems which you can spend to dress up your little kitty silly outfits and they really are the best bit if the app. The use of the cube in physical space is super responsive and good fun. I wish there was more games that used the cube in that way but hopefully they will come soon.

Download: AR Kitten

Honorable Mention: HoloCube

Holocube is one of the first 3rd party Apps I have seen for the Merge Cube. The App centers around our little blue marble called Earth. It shows the Earth in different states that you can manipulate and add detail to, such as longitude and latitude lines and even current flows of the water. What makes Holocube stand out is it is all happening in real time. The App is updating cloud cover as it spins the ball in your hand giving an ever changing Earth to play with.

Holocube is in Early Access right now so it isn't finished, but it is definitely one to look out for.

Do you have a favorite?

Merge Cube is still adding great new games for you to try, and these are a few of our favorites. Have you checked out games for Merge Cube? Is there a game that ought be on our list? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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