Nobody wants to spend the time and money involved in picking up and setting up a new VR headset just to find that it doesn't seem to fit right because they wear glasses. Whether you're nearsighted, or they help you read, being able to wear your glasses in VR is a big deal. As a fellow poor-sighted gamer, I know that it may seem like there are things you have to do to truly enjoy the VR experience.

If you're as blind as a bat or maybe just have less-than-average vision, here are our tips on how to play VR with glasses.

Don't Remove Your Glasses

If at all possible do not remove your glasses to play VR. Most headsets are built with enough space that the visually impaired can easily wear their glasses in VR, with the exception to a few of the less expensive cardboard kits out there.

If you try to go glasses-less, you won't clearly see the picture of the game, and it could possibly alter how you see the game you play. Since you adjust your headset using how blurry the picture is, not using your glasses while playing will make this adjustment even harder.

The one caveat to this is if your vision isn't truly terrible. If you wear glasses for slight astigmatism, or you haven't been told you need to wear them all the time you may be able to get away with just adjusting the focal length and IPD on your headset. Then again, not every VR headset will offer these options. For the best experience seeing clearly, you'll want to try to keep your glasses on while playing in VR.

Adjust Your Headset With Your Glasses On

When first putting the headset on, make sure you have your glasses on so there's plenty of space between them and the lens. This ensures that your experience is comfortable, and you can adjust it easily when you make your space visible.

Depending on the headset, you may be able to adjust the focal length and IPD in order to get a good fit, but what's going on inside the headset isn't the only important thing. Unlike other users, those of us who wear glasses have two different accessories pressed right up against our faces.

This means you'll want to be especially careful in adjusting how the headset fits, as well as making sure your glasses are stable on your face. If they slip down your nose, you won't be able to adjust them with a VR headset on. Likewise, if your headset is adjusted too tightly around your head, you may give yourself a headache from pressing your glasses against the bridge of your nose.

Make sure your glasses are clean and fitted

Folks who wear glasses are actually looking through two pairs of lenses when they play in VR. While making sure that your headset is properly fitted, and that you can see what's going on inside the headset, if your spectacles are constantly sliding down your nose, you're going to have a bad time.

That's why we suggest ensuring that your glasses are properly fitted. What we mean is that when you put them on, they stay put. In VR you're going to be constantly looking around and may end up thrashing a bit, and you'll need to see in order to react to what is going on around you.

This also means that the lenses of your glasses will need to be nice and clean. The easiest way to ensure this is to give them a quick wipe down before you jump into VR. Then you won't go through the process of getting started only to notice the massive smudge that makes reading impossible.

Play Your Heart Out

Now that you have your headset adjusted with your glasses on, and you've completed all the set up you need to, go ahead and get crazy! You're ready to play VR like no other, whether it's pretending to work a job in Job Simulator, or fighting aliens in games like Farpoint or Alien Isolation Have you had any problems with wearing your glasses while playing VR? Let us know in the comments below!