Some of this year's biggest virtual reality titles ride on the player's fear of the unknown, which leaves those inside the headsets highly sensitive to the world around them. When immersed in horror titles, people often scream when the wire of their headphones brushes against their back – let alone their significant other asking if they'd like another cup of coffee.

This is where SteamVR's lesser-known feature, 'Knock Knock' comes in, which provides a safer way of getting a player's attention. With the feature, hitting the Knock Knock button displays a notification on-screen informing the player someone is attempting to get their attention. With a simple hit of a button, the Knock Knock feature is guaranteed to reduce the number of late-night screams waking up your neighbours.

Using Knock Knock

  1. Open SteamVR.
  2. On the SteamVR desktop application, right-click on the image of the headset.
  3. Click 'Knock Knock' on the context menu that opens.
  4. To send a notification to the headset, click the 'Knock Knock' button or press the F1 key.

It's worth noting that we've personally had mixed results with the Knock Knock feature. If the notification doesn't appear within the headset, reinstalling Steam often fixes any issues.

What are your experiences with the Knock Knock feature? Let us know in the comments!