Virtual Reality is able to transport you to entirely new worlds, sometimes with little more than a headset and a good pair of headphones. This offers up plenty of questions, including of course whether using VR while you are high is a good idea or not. After smoking with friends you might be tempted to jump into a game of Eagle's Nest or Thumper, keeping in mind that your perception of things gets warped after smoking and that will definitely affect your experiences.

Getting high and checking out VR is now entirely legal in plenty of places, but whether that is a good idea isn't exactly clear. Here's some advice from our own... research.

Editor's Note: This article is not advocating the use of marijuana in places where it is not completely legal to do so.

Is it "better"?

Well, yes and no. This isn't going to be a universal answer. For starters, there are different kinds of highs from different kinds of marijuana, so your personal experience is going to vary. Generally speaking, being high can help enforce that feeling of immersion. As with everything, there are some obvious exceptions.

If you know your limits then playing VR while high isn't much different than getting drunk and playing.

If you aren't used to getting high, or you tend to have a bad reaction after smoking, then we really don't suggest getting stoned and playing with your PlayStation VR. However, if you know your limits then playing VR while high isn't much different than getting drunk and playing. That being said, be careful. By design, VR inherently plays with your senses, and this can seriously throw you off balance when trying to play a game.

For some folks, it's actually easier to play when stoned. Those easily unsettled or nauseated by the artificial motion in VR are able to relax a little more and enjoy the experience. It's not guaranteed to remove that motion sickness feeling entirely, but there are plenty of examples of a much more enjoyable adventure in VR after getting high. This can also appear in the way that you perceive color and motion, making for a very different experience than when you play sober.

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Remember that your perception is altered

When you get high, you don't perceive the world in quite the same way. This counts for pretty much any intoxicant but can be especially true if you're smoking pot. Colors may be brighter or more intense, things may move slower, and your balance may be directly affected. Due to this we definitely recommend that you start out slow.

Start a game and only play for a few minutes at a time. Try to figure out what your limits are, and whether you should avoid certain high intensity VR experiences. This especially counts when it comes to horror and survival genre games. Some games are going to be easier to play than others, and with your faculties altered, you may find that games you love to play while sober aren't made for someone who is intoxicated.

Just like any other VR experience, if you feel dizzy or nauseous it's time to remove the headset.

Try to keep track of your surroundings so that you don't accidentally bump into anything, and consider playing while sitting down if you've only rarely been high before. The big thing here is to be safe and responsible if you decide to get high and play in VR.

Just like any other VR experience, if you feel dizzy or nauseous it's time to remove the headset. You won't necessarily react to things normally if you are high, so if your body starts sending you messages, listen to them.

You may get tired faster, or feel nauseous, just stay aware and you'll be able to enjoy yourself.

Use the right materials

When discussing marijuana in this context, we mean green smokable plant material pot. Remember that edibles or wax are going to deliver a much more intense high that may not be the best for playing in VR. If you're very aware of your tolerances, then this may not be a dealbreaker, but anyone who is unsure, or unused to that kind of high should steer clear.

We're also not suggesting you use any other mind-altering chemicals while enjoying VR. The general assumption here is that you're using things that are legal where you live. Stick to that, and you'll be fine.

Updated January 2018: We've updated this post with new information about getting high while gaming in VR.

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