VR Drumming

Computex 2016 is big on VR. The Taipei-based tradeshow is packed with manufacturers aiming to lay claim to their slice of the action, and that means a lot of gimmicky demos. When it comes to VR demos with real-world potential, however, it's hard to beat Lyra by metanaut, a unique musical demo being shown off by Cooler Master on the show floor.

VR drumming VR drummingVR drumming

Lyra lets musicians arrange instruments in a virtual space, unconstrained by the limits of the real world. There's a general purpose demo, as well as specific kit arrangements for making different kinds of music. The entire setup was powered by an HTC Vive — and a Cooler Master-cooled gaming rig, naturally.

Being a former drummer, our videographer Tanner Grywinski was a natural choice to take Lyra for a spin.