VR Parachuting

VR is everywhere at Computex 2016. The Taipei-based tradeshow is packed with virtual reality experiences from some of the leading gaming brands — including companies like Cooler Master that you might not associate with trailblazing VR experiences. The cooling firm has invited some leading VR content creators to its booth at Computex, and the centerpiece of this display is Para Parachute, a demo that puts throws you out of a virtual plane and into a polygonal cityscape.

In addition to a high-end (and naturally Cooler Master-cooled) gaming PC equipped with Oculus Rift, the Para Parachute demo is has participants strapped into a heavy-duty vest and hoisted up on a scaffold, which (together with some well-placed fans) simulates the experience of jumping, pulling your chute and landing on the ground.

Of course you'll look ridiculous strapped up to this rig, but that didn't stop us giving it a try and shooting a video for posterity. Enjoy!