Vrse, a company that produces content for virtual reality, has renamed itself to Within. The new name comes as the company, which was co-founded by music video producer Chris Milk, looks to change its image to better reflect its focus on "immersive storytelling."

VR content company Vrse renames itself to Within

From Variety:

So why the new name? Company co-founder and CTO Aaron Koblin told Variety in a recent interview that the goal was to not just focus on a single slice of immersive technology. "We are really interested in broadening the conversation," he said. VR is often being associated with gaming, he argued, which is an area that Within isn't focused on. "For us, it's very much about immersive storytelling," said Koblin.

Within has dedicated apps for iPhone, Android and Samsung Gear VR. As Vrse, the company made a name for itself on these platforms by providing high-quality VR content from anywhere with just a tap. And that high-quality content should continue to roll out, as Within just received a cash infusion of $12.56 million from its latest round of funding.

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