There are tons of amazing apps, games, and experiences just waiting for you to enjoy in VR. It can be frustrating when you find an awesome new game that isn't available for your VR headset. That's where cross-platform apps come in to make things easier for everyone. While there aren't a ton of cross-platform apps that are currently live, more of them will be cropping up moving forward!

Video Apps

One of the most popular ways to enjoy VR is by checking out some 360-degree videos or watching your favorite show in VR. While there are a fair few different video apps available for VR, not all of them are cross-platform. Whether you're playing on an HTC Vive or Google Daydream, you're able to check out these apps. While not everything is entirely cross platform, these video apps work on most VR headsets.


If you're a fan of binge watching your favorite shows, then this is a video app that should definitely be on your list. Especially with the Netflix Original content like a Series of Unfortunate Events or stand up specials from the likes of Kathleen Madigan.


If you like original and dynamic videos to watch in VR, then Within is really where it is at. You can check out short films like Invasion, or Evolution of Verse. Many of the short films have also won screen awards at festivals like Sundance. With partnerships with Vice Media, The New York Times, Apple, NBC and even the UN, there is plenty to find and enjoy!


Let's face it, the most fun that you can have with VR is by playing games. Whether you want to shoot aliens, duel with rival wizards, or fly through a gorgeous landscape, there is definitely a game out there that is right up your alley. However if you're hoping for an awesome list of games that can be played on any VR headset, then you're going to be a bit disappointed. That's because for now many developers haven't made cross platform viability a priority. The exception to that rule is Ubisoft, which has been making serious strides to offer their best games to as many VR setups as possible.

Werewolves Within

If you like multiplayer games that rely on interaction with other players, this is a great option. Werewolves Within is adapted from an analog party game and requires serious cooperation. You'll have to work together with other players using your wits and special character abilities to out the werewolf, and save your town.

Eagle Flight

Eagle Flight is one of the most gorgeous and fun games that is available for multiple platforms right now. You'll fly through an apocalyptic city-scape and there is also access to a multiplayer mode that is a ton of fun. We cannot recommend this game highly enough.

Eve: Valkyrie

Flying through space and shooting enemies has never been quite so much fun. Fly through the Eve universe with yourself, or with friends in Eve: Valkyrie.

Eve: Gunjack

The first EVE VR game, in this one it's all about shooting down space pirates and flying through space itself. Definitely a great option for FPS or Simulator fans.


If you're on VR for a social aspect then vTime is where it's at! You're able to hang out and socialize all while within VR in various different environments. Meet up with friends who are no longer local, or make new ones in VR. This is a great time for anyone who can't get out of the house, but who are craving some human contact.

Coming Soon

While the pickings are pretty slim for the time being, that won't be the case forever. There are a few awesome games on the horizon, as well as apps that are making strides to bring their app to every VR headset available today. These are the games, apps, and experiences that will be cross platform soon, or will be appearing in an appstore near you soon!

  • Star Trek Bridge Crew: It's time to suit up with The United Federation of Planets and take control of the U.S.S. Aegis. Designed specifically for VR, this is a game that any Trekkie should be keeping a close eye on. it will be available for HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and Oculus Vive.
  • Fulldive VR: Currently only available on Google Play, the developers are actively trying to bring this app to Gear VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. This is a video app that allows to react and browse by category, and already has tons of videos to enjoy.


As VR continues to become more popular, and more headsets are released, cross platform games and apps are bound to become more visible and frequent. For now there aren't a ton of apps and games that can be played on any VR setup, but the few that have arrived are paving the way for the future. Is there a cross platform app or game that we missed here? Do you have a favorite app that works across multiple VR headsets? Be sure to drop us a comment below and tell us about it!

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