Update: Todays stream is our halloween Spook Show! We will playing the outrageously fun Dead Hungry! This game has released today and is the perfect time to try it out! Join us at 5pm PST for a ghoulish good time!

Lets Stream

Over the last few weeks here at VRHeads we realized we have a lot of awesome technology and whilst we write amazing articles for you we think we can do more to entertain you! So we are going to start using some of this awesome VR power to Twitch for you!

We will be stream an hour long show on Twitch channel every Tuesday. I will be hosting the new stream with special guests popping in from time to time. Today I'll be streaming mainly from the PSVR but we will bring other machines in to play as we go on.

Watch live video from vrheads on www.twitch.tv

Previous Streams

Wednesday 24th October

Thursday September 28th

Tuesday September 26th Sparc

Thursday September 21st Star Trek

Thursday September 14th Star Trek

Thursday September 7th Star Trek

What do you want to see?

We want your input for this fellow VR-ians. Let us know what games you want to see. Want to see the latest greatest games? We can do that. Want us to do an RPG style play through of Star Trek Bridge Crew? So do we!

Be sure to follow us at Twitch.TV and check out our social media for the times of our stream.