As games evolve and grow, one console replaces the next. This means that after a few years you may realize that you no longer have the system to properly run your favorite games, or even worse, that you still have the system but it's so old it can't even hook up to your television anymore. That's where emulators come in. They allow you to run the games that you love on your PC or laptop, using downloaded ROMS to load up the game you want to play.

Well, now emulators have gone a step further. That's because there is an emulator for Gear VR that will allow you to play original Gameboy games, and we've got all the details for you here!

What is an emulator

So your first question might be, what in the heck is an emulator? An emulator is a program that allows one computer system to behave like a different system. In layman's terms, an emulator allows your laptop or PC to act like the video game system you want to play. In the case of GVRgb, the emulator tricks your computer into believing that it is actually a Gameboy so that you can play those classic games yet again.

What will it play?

In order to play a game on any emulator, you need a copy of the game ROM. ROM stands for read-only media, and it contains the files for the game that you want to play. So long as you can find a Gameboy game ROM you'll be able to load it up and play it on the GVRgb emulator. Now because emulators are specific to the type of system they are imitating, it will only run a ROM specific to that system. This means that a PlayStation emulator will only run PlayStation games, or in this case, GVRgb is only able to run Gameboy ROMs.

All you need to do once you have found the ROM that you want to play is save it on your phone in .gb format.When it's time to open the ROM you will do it from within the GVRgb app.

Where can I find it?

You'll need to download GVRgb to your phone, and this will require sideloading the app onto your phone. This means that you're installing an app that is not avaulable on the Play Store. You have two options on where to acquire GVRgb, you can either use Sideload VR or Construct VR.

Both of these apps are filled with tons of other apps, but most importantly it contains the GVRgb app. You can download and install it from either of these marketplaces, after you have installed the appropriate sideloader to run your new emulator.

What do you think?

Nintendo games are among the most popular out there, especially for those who grew up with a Gameboy in their pocket. With this emulator you can relive those classic titles in VR, all within the comfort of your Gear VR headset. Are you considering using this Emulator? Do you want to check out Gameboy in VR? Be sure to drop us a line in the comments and tell us about it!

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