Wands burst onto the scene last year delivering wickedly fun, and fast paced wizard duels on Gear VR and Daydream. Now it's Oculus Rift's turn to enjoy the steam punk themed game, but not without a pretty hefty update.

Aiming for a greater degree of immersion, Rift users will be able to dodge incoming fireballs fired by their opponents. You'll also be able to hear which direction you're being attacked from which is especially handy when you're trying to survive during a tense battle.

This update will also bring along cross-platform character progression and battles. This means that when you log in you'll be able to sync up progress no matter how you decide to play.

The biggest update is a boost to the graphics, making the world seem more real than ever. There isn't an exact release date yet but Oculus Rift users should be able to add this to their library by the end of September.

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