Last year VR came into an entirely new environment, as an addition to real life rollercoasters. Yeap, that means riding a roller coaster while wearing a VR headset. While there are only a smattering of these roller coasters that you can ride, they're worth checking out. For now it seems like the biggest adopter in Six Flags in America which has introduced a number of roller coaster at their parks across the country. So we've put together an awesome list of all the coasters tyou can ride, and where to find them.

Six Flags

Six Flags has a partnership with Oculus, and in the last two years they've offered up three different VR experiences on 7 different coasters across the United States, and Canada. The experience will vary depending on which coaster you are riding, but both have an emphasis on delivering a great user experience at ridiculously high speeds. If you were keeping track of the VR coasters last year then you might notice a VR experience that is missing; Rise of the Gargoyles.

While that experience was available in 2016, it doesn't seem to be currently available for the beginning of season. It is worth noting however, that in 2016 several roller coasters were fitted with new experiences when Halloween rolled around. We'll be keeping an eye out, and we'll update you guys if there are new experiences as we get closer to the spookiest time of the year.

Superman Man of Steel

You can ride with the Man of Steel at three different Six Flags Parks. You can find it Massachusetts at Six Flags New England, Maryland at Six Flags and in Texas at Six Flags Fiesta. The ride takes you on a trip through Metropolis where things go sideways when Lex Luthor shows up and Superman needs to save the day.

  • Six Flags New England; Agawam, Massachusetts
  • Six Flags America, Bowie, Maryland
  • Six Flags Fiesta Texas; San Antonio, Texas

New Revolution

New Revolution will have you battling for the future of Earth with Gear VR, and is available at four parks. During this ride you're strapped into the cockpit of a fighter jet, as you and your copilot try to stop an alien invasion. You'll actually use the touchpad on the Gear VR headset to shoot at enemy fighters.

  • Six Flags Over Georgia; Atlanta, Georgia
  • Six Flags St.Louis; St.Louis, Missouri
  • Six Flags Great Escape; Lake George, New York
  • Six Flags La Ronde; Montreal, Canada

New Revolution: Galactic Attack

New for 2017 is New Revolution: Galactic Attack, which has just opened up at three different parks. Rather than being a purely VR experience, New Revolution: Galactic Attack actually uses the Gear VR passthrough camera to deliver an AR experience that blends the real world and fantasy. You'll have to use your headset to look at, and fire upon enemy drones as you try to protect your ship. It builds on the New Revolution experience, and also adds more, including three possible endings to the VR. This means that you won't be able to predict how things will end even after you've ridden through once.

  • Six Flags Magic Mountain; Los Angeles, California
  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom; San Francisco, California
  • Six Flags over Texas; Arlington, Texas
  • Six Flags America; Bowie, Maryland


SeaWorld has announced that in 2017, one of the roller coasters will be using a headset that is worn during the experience. They're calling it the Kraken, and it will take riders on an undersea adventure where you'll run into some unexpected denizens of the sea, like the Kraken itself.

  • SeaWorld Orlando; Orlando, Florida

Have you checked it out?

There are a handful of VR roller coasters out there, with more announced to open later in 2017. By adding mobile VR equipment, parks are able to turn their existing roller coasters into something much more with the help of Gear VR. Hopefully we'll see this trend continue further as more rides open. Have you had the chance to try a VR roller coaster? Is there a coaster out there that we missed? Be sure to leave us a comment about it below!

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