Holopoint Stance

The Steam Summer Picnic Sale and the Oculus Summer Sale are happening simultaneously, which should surprise no one. Oculus and Valve are going to do this more often than not, I suspect. Steam Sales generate a ton of hype even if there aren't a ton of "top level" games in the sale, because the lower prices encourage discovery. We browse, we see something fun for 50% off, and that purchase button all of a sudden seems to double in size. For VR games, where every experience is just a little bit different and developers from all over the world are trying tons of new things to see what sticks, this is the best possible time to encourage that exploratory mindset. I've always got something new ready to go on at least two of the headsets on my desk, but seeing other VR users pick up new stuff just because is fun.

A few other thoughts for the week:

That's all for now. Michael Fisher and I got a call about something strange in the neighborhood, so we're going to be strapping on some proton packs to investigate!

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