We're a couple of months away from one of the most exciting PlayStation VR games so far to join the party. The story of a brave little mouse named Quill has built up quite the hype train over the last couple of months, and now that Moss is finally available for pre-order it's time to figure out what we can expect from this story.

You can play the demo for Moss in the new PlayStation VR Demo Disc 2, and you can check out interviews from the last couple of big game conferences. Now, we're opening up the VRHeads forums to the folks from Polyarc so you can ask your Moss questions directly!

Our AMA with the Polyarc team is going to start on Thursday at 12PM Eastern. We will be opening up the AMA page in our PlayStation VR forum an hour prior to the start so you can get your questions up early.

In the meantime, be sure to jump into the forum and introduce yourself to everyone already hanging out!

Head to the PlayStation VR forum!

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